Above: An aerial photo of Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, which looks quite modern but is in fact a tourist and propaganda facade to mask the dire straits of the reality of life in North Korea. Apparently, the roads are empty in Pyongyang as throughout the entire nation and many buildings have no occupants being built for mere propaganda purposes.

North Korea, a place which is closed to the outside world. The world’s most reclusive state. I think my interest in it arose in the mid-2000s when i was still in my South Korean drama/movies mania and checking out about Koreans in China (there is a minority living in China whom are Chinese citizens in the Northeast of China) and heard about North Korean refugees there. Being a reclusive state also meant it was an interesting place to learn about, being the last Stalinist state in the world now and THE most closed and oppressive country in the world, rivaling places like Cuba and Myanmar.

North Korea suffered a famine from the mid-90s to the late-90s and it is said that at least 2 million people died then. The country still relies on food aid from the UN and countries such as South Korea, China, and the USA as well as Japan to feed its population as it does not have self-food sufficiency ever since the devastating floods of the 90s and the collapse of the Soviet Union and other communist countries in the 90s which had guaranteed it trade markets.

Many North Koreans have secretly crossed the Yalu River into China over the past decade or so as refugees seeking food and jobs as conditions have worsened in North Korea and China has become more and more prosperous. They face deportation if captured by the Chinese police and would certainly be faced with harsh punishment in North Korea for leaving the country. This will however be a topic for another post in this continuing series on North Korea.

Below are some links to documentaries which I find interesting and insightful into life in North Korea:

Lisa Ling’s Inside North Korea:

Friends of Kim:

North Korean Concentration Camps:

The below are links to docos made with the approval of the North Korean government and thus present a much more ‘sanitized’ and ‘clean-cut’ version of life in North Korea, as the North Korean government wants it to be seen:

A State of Mind:

I hope these videos have shed at least some light on the plight of North Koreans in North Korea (for those whom didn’t know) and the dire situation there for the lives of North Koreans.

We should all be concerned about the situation of North Korea.

This will be a new continuing series on one country which is dear to my heart because of its wonderful world of entertainment which drew my attention to this hereto unknown and not much talked about country and which previously, like most people, didn’t get my attention nor interest like i am sure most of my fellow readers too, being more famous for its domestic helpers overseas and its slums. I have since fallen in love with its movies and stars and gone on to want to understand the country and its people, and the social, political, and cultural issues which affect them.

The first series deals with poverty in the Philippines, which i attribute largely to its inefficient and grossly corrupt government as well as more importantly, its huge population. I’ve always believed that large populations are not the only cause, but a significant cause for poverty and the backwardness of any country, including countries like the Philippines. I believe that is what prevents Malaysia and Singapore from falling into extreme poverty as compared to countries in the region such as Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, all of which have large populations to feed and develop. Of cos, government mismanagement and abuse of funds as well as inefficiency and corruption also play a large part but these all occur in Malaysia as well but my country (along with Taiwan) have managed to avoid such large populations of poor people or slum areas and regions of the country precisely because of the smaller population in Malaysia and Taiwan.

For instance, in 1999 the Philippines had 65 million people. By 2009, a mere 10 years later, the population had ballooned to 90 million people already. This increase of 25 million people in 10 years is MORE than the entire population of Australia and almost a reproduction of the ENTIRE Malaysian population currently (28 million) as well!! This means that in a mere 10 yrs, the Philippines government has had to cope with an extra population the size of Australia!.

The same goes for Thailand, it has around 64 million people and is well known for having poor parts of the country hence its former fame as the sex trafficking and drugs capital of the world with a large poor population, especially, in the North-East part of Thailand.

Malaysia has by and large escaped from the reputation of poverty as Thailand and the Philippines has precisely because it has at least 60 million less people to look after when compared to the Philippines and at least half the population of Thailand. This means both Thailand and the Philippines may have middle and upper class populations equivalent of the whole of Malaysia, 28 million, but they still have the extra 60 million or 30 million more people which appear in slums and fill the streets of Manila and Isaan in Thailand. I mean, its not like the Malaysian govt is any better than the Thai one, and the Malaysian government oft makes dumb policies and waste enormous public funds as well as corruption but our low population has saved us such that Kuala Lumpur may not be so much more developed than Manila or Bangkok but at least there are less slums and poor people in it as well as around the country, something which plagues Thailand and especially the Philippines.

Large poor populations also lead to other social problems such as high crime rates, sexual abuse, broken up families due to the need to migrate overseas to earn a higher wage in lowly jobs,etc.

Below are some links to these issues in the context of the Philippines:

Aljazeera’s 101 East on Overseas Filipino Workers:


Aljazeera’s People and Power Report on Philippines Baby Boom:

Aljazeera People and Power Report on Jail Kids Sexual Abuse:


And something completely different, and fun to watch:

I did a previous post on famous Taiwanese people in Asia and around the world..well, this post is prompted by Jason Wu. Who?? Jason Who?

He’s the new up and coming fashion designer to look out for in the years to come..and so i’ve decided to just update my previous list of famous Taiwanese people worldwide, made up mainly of Taiwanese-Americans. the following is the original list PLUS additions:

In Politics:

John Chiang:

He’s currently California’s State Controller (don’t ask me what that means, i’m not American so i wouldn’t know!) but its some senior position in the Californian governmental administration and he’s a likely contender for the 2010 California Governor position.

Elisabeth Chao:

From Wikipedia:

Elaine Lan Chao born March 26, 1953) served as the 24th United States Secretary of Labor in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009. She was the first Chinese American and the first Asian American woman to be appointed to a President’s cabinet in American history.[2] Chao was the only cabinet member to serve under George W. Bush for his entire administration.[3]

The eldest of six daughters, Chao was born in Taipei, Taiwan, to James S.C. Chao (趙錫成 Zhào Xīchéng), a Shanghainese entrepreneur, and Ruth Mu-lan Chu (朱木蘭 Zhū Mùlán), a historian. Her parents had fled to Taiwan from mainland China after the Chinese Communists took over as a result of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. At the age of eight, Elaine Chao and her family emigrated to the United States, where her father had already settled a few years earlier

In the Arts:
Ang Lee:

Obviously, an important person. The director of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ , ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and the first director of Asian origin to receive an Oscar Best Director as well as two-time Venice top prize winner. He was born and raised in Taiwan and has always been adamant in representing his films as ‘Taiwan films’. Thus, ‘Crouching Tiger’ won the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category at the Oscars representing ‘Taiwan’ and Not China as many mistakenly believe.Ang Lee also insisted that his latest film ‘Lust, Caution’ be labeled as representing ‘Taiwan’ when organisers, prob out of political reasons, labeled it as a ‘China’ film before.

Lucy Liu:

Who would have thought that the most successful Asian-American actress in Hollywood, Lucy Liu, was born to Taiwanese and not Chinese immigrant parents??? Well, here’s her intro at wikipedia:’She was born and raised with her brother, Alex Liu, in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York by Taiwanese immigrant parents.[1] Liu has said that she grew up in a “diverse” neighborhood.[1] Her family spoke Mandarin at home and she did not learn English until she was five years old.[2][3] Her father was a civil engineer and her mother a biochemist in Taiwan, but they sacrificed those careers to come to the United States.’Way to go Lucy~~~

Coco Lee:

Once again, the only Asian-American singer to have ever graced the Oscars Award, Coco Lee, when she sang the title theme for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, is also from Taiwan.

Iris Chang:

The famous author of ‘The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of WW2’ is ALSO born to Taiwanese parents, not mainland Chinese parents. Without her book, the Nanking Massacre would well still be destined to obscurity now and the the Sundance award-winning docu ‘Nanking’ by AOL vice-pre. Ted would never have been made as that docu was made in memory of Iris Chang.

In Business:

Jerry Yang:

One of two co-founders of Yahoo! (yes an Asian actually founded the world famous Yahoo! search engine) is an immigrant from Taiwan.

In the Sciences:

Sam Ting:

Winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Physics. He immigrated as a child to America from Taiwan.

Dr. David Ho:

1996’s TIME Magazine Man of the Year. He also immigrated as a child from Taiwan to America.

And of course, in the fashion world, jason wu….now, why’s he suddenly so famous?? well, its because he was the designer that Mrs.Obama chose to wear at the Presidential Inauguration Ball in January 2009 out of the array of choices that she had. She still regularly wears his designs and creations and has become his regular fan and client, catapulting him to stardom at the young age of just 26!!

I’m proud of him not only being Taiwanese-American but actually having parents whom still reside in Taiwan (they just sent him to school in the States) and him having being born and raised and educated in Taipei, Taiwan during his childhood years meaning that his connections to Taiwan are still very strong with his parents and relatives always living there even now and having spent at least his childhood years in Taiwan….oh, and of course, he’s gay and running a successful design business at such a tender age…..so kudos to Jason, he’s done us proud, both Taiwanese living in Taiwan and those whom have immigrated or currently live abroad (like me!)

Today marks the 15 Anniversary of the Rwandan Massacre which started on 6th April 1994 lasting for 100 days whereby 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu people were massacred by Hutus in Rwanda. The Hutus are the majority in Rwanda and sought to eliminate the Tutsi minority through ethnic cleansing. I personally was horrified when i learnt about this massacre in 2004 on the 10th Anniversary. To me, it was like the Nanking Massacre or Holocaust and i cried (as usual ) when i watched the movie Oscar-nominated movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ which showed the massacre based on the true story of a moderate Hutu whom used his connections and status as the manager of a foreign-owned hotel to ultimately save over 1000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus whom sought refuge at the hotel.

I was so angry when i found out that the world did nothing and allowed the massacre to continue, fiddling out and the UN even cut back its peacekeeping force in Rwanda as the massacre worsened. Furthermore, extra troops were brought in overnight to shuttle the Western expats and diplomats stuck in Rwanda whilst leaving behind the Rwandans…truly horrifying and racists!!! And i thought the world said never again after the Holocaust happened..
obviously the world only cared if it were a white race which appeared to be killed and not Africans…

Watching ‘Hotel Rwanda’ also showed me how similar massacres are everywhere, with mass killings on the streets and women being raped or taken back to ‘barracks’ to be kept as sex slaves…reminded me of the Rape of Nanking…eery..

The Rwandan Massacre would rate as one of the worst massacres in modern 20th Century History in my opinion considering the brutal method of ethnic cleansing used (machetes hacking people to pieces!), mass rapes incidence, and the speed in which people were killed (800,000 in merely 100 days)…so let’s take a moment to reflect and mourn for the Rwandans killed on this 15th Anniversary of the Massacre and think what more can be done in the Darfur Crisis and Congo Crisis happening right now.

‘Hotel Rwanda’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWROLZXgrHk&feature=channel_page -Please watch!!! Highly Recommended:-)

‘Ghosts of Rwanda’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ3-_K6s-pg&feature=channel_page -A highly worthwhile ‘Frontline’ documentary on the Rwandan Massacre.

The trailers for two movies which i mentioned previously dealing with Japan and WW2 (a fav topic of mine,hehehe..) has come out, one a German movie and the other a Chinese movie…i’ve also included a documentary series on the Occupation of HK as well as a mainland Chinese movie which is low budget and not well-known but which i like about the Rape of Nanking in 1937 and is based on the true story of monks whom shelter over 24,000 refugees in the monastery during that awful period in history based on real historical facts…hope u guys like it, a little bit of reflection and history..always a good thing….haha…

John Rabe (2009):

Nanking! Nanking! (2009):

ATV ‘3 Years and 8 Months’ (2005):

Qixia Temple 1937 (2005):

The Mardi Gras on Sat night was fantastic~~it was very busy and packed with people as expected…apparently more than 300,000 attended..with over 135 floats and paraders…it was a fantastic night (as expected!)….anyways , was there early from experience but still not early enough cos by the time got there, was second row..but as the night progressed and some ppl left early, managed to get to the very front!!…also bought my very first rainbow flag!!!!! Hehehe..was proudly waving it for the initial half an hour…hahaha..then my hand got abit tired…

anyways, many ppl went, even an ex-colleague went with her husband and she told me it was great and gave her a good impression of the friendliness of gay people..she left me a facebook msg cos i put on my nick ‘Happy Mardi Gras!!’ and another friend called asking me how it was cos he saw my msn message too…it ws a fantastic night seeing so many people came out to see this wonderful carnival and many people had smiles on their faces and knew what the parade was about..it just goes that little bit towards improving gay rights and anti-discrimination amongst the general population:-) Without further ado, here are some photos taken at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2009:

Update 13/3/09: I found online the groundbreaking NHK (Japan’s national broadcaster with the biggest audience coverage) program on LGBT Japanese Gay and Lesbian Life in Japan which was broadcast as a series from late last yr to early this year. It was the first time that gay and lesbian people and the issue of homosexuality in Japan was dealt with by the usually conservative but very important channel network. Please watch if you understand Japanese, very interesting insight into gays and lesbians living in Japan. The program is called: NHK ハートをつなごう and the link is at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbXWXKUr-vw&feature=related

Above: Mature-Age Gays….the Asian drag queen in blue is wearing a cheongsam..haha..

Above: A Statement Against Certain Religions…

Above: The Mardi Gras Parade underway!!!!…..

Above: Sexy angels in tight briefs….oooohhhhh……

Above: Some organisation against homophobia…

Above: Footie parade i think…i love men in socks…

Above: Party Disco Float…

Above: New Mardi Gras float….

Above: Alot of people, two hours before the parade….

Above: People living at the Apartment above the parade had parties from their balconies whilst enjoying the parade…

Above: Foxtel cable channel broadcasting live the parade…..

Above: People taking pictures with parade performers before the start of the parade….

Above: Parade ‘Angels’ getting ready…..

Above: Performers going towards the parade…

Above: ANZ Bank people distributing stuff at the start of the parade…..

Above: Asian Marching Boys with accompanying photographer…i took this picture cos the photo at the back of his t shirt caught my attention…i wonder why..hehehe..

Above: Asian Marching Boys, a staple of the Mardi Gras parade, being made up of gay Asian men..

Above: Getting ready for the parade….

Above: Before the parade, people getting ready..

Above: Afternoon on the day of the parade, bikey with malaysian flag!!! (and also singapore’s and australia’s flag)

Above: Shop Display celebrating the parade at oxford sq, oxford st.

Above: Barricades in place for Mardi Gras Parade ’09, afternoon of Mardi Gras Parade Sat March 7

Above: A Big Banner forming on the wall of a gay club, oxford st Sydney….

Above: Volunteers of Mardi Gras ‘Nations United’ getting briefed at Hyde Park before the Parade.

Above: Mardi Gras Pride Festival Flower arrangements around the city, 2009.

Been back from my 5 week holiday in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan for over a month now…been too lazy and not to mention busy to update my blog…shall do in a couple of days time on my recent overseas trip to the above places…anyways, this month has been Mardi Gras month in Sydney, to be precise, the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Celebration which is said to be the largest celebration of its kind in the world! And indeed, when i first arrived in Sydney , i attended my very first Mardi Gras Parade in 2007 and it was great fun!! I would rate it as THE best celebration parade that i’ve been to in my entire life so far, far bigger in scale than i ever imagined! I simply didn’t expect so MANY people there..i presumed it would be an almost all-gay affair with very little Sydneysiders..but boy was i wrong!!! Cos the location is very close to the CBD, and the growing acceptance of homosexuality in mainstream Australia, there were so many people there, including tons of straight people (from looking cos there were some old people and many couples and families)…the crowds lined up the entire stretch of Oxford Street and Liverpool St i think and it was packed! You had to go early (which is my plan this yr!) if you didn’t want to be like behind 2 rows of ppl in front of you whom have clearly lined up since late afternoon to get a good spot…

Above; Mardi Gras film festival ’09

Above: Displays around World Square in preparation for Sydney Mardi Gras 2009

Anyways, this yr, the Mardi Gras is as big as ever with many mainstream stores and even Kinokuniya bookstore downtown indicating their support for the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras by displaying right at the entrance a collection of male erotic photography books…i was so shocked when i walked in with my gay friend and he was like yeah, kinda surprising how mainstream and accepted the Mardi Gras and homosexuality in general is now in urban mainstream Australian society…many stores have put out rainbow flags and World Sq (where i work) even has stores displaying the poster for the Mardi Gras parade and the shopping centre having displays of costumes from Mardi Gras all around…

Above: Mardi Gras Display at World Square.

I’m really really excited and will be there early to get a good spot this yr…i shall put up photos from the Parade later on my blog to show you guys just how wonderful the entire parade is every year…hahaha..i missed it last yr but i won’t again this yr…the Chief of Parade in ’07 was Ruper Everett, the openly gay American actor, and this yr it shall be Mitcham, the Beijing Olympic Gold Medal diver, also the only openly gay male athlete representing Australia this yr…can’t wait to see him in person!!!! I’ll prob even take a video recording of the entire parade..well known for its colourful over the top costumes, hunky dancers in tight shorts/hotpants, and drag queens…

Below are some photos of Mardi Gras”09 around the city..
Above: ‘Nations United’ Flag Oxford Street Sydney Mardi Gras 2009

Above: Shop Displays advertising the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade at World Square..

In celebration of Gay Pride Month (Mardi Gras) in Sydney, watch these movies:

Prayers for Bobby (2008) with Sigourney Weaver based on a true story, brought tears to my eyes, really…sniff,sniff,…:

Milk (2008) with Sean Penn winning an Oscar for his performance..has anyone noticed the number of high profile gay movies recently? And ALL based on true people and/or events such as I Love You and Milk and Prayers for Bobby…cool…..

And look forward to watching these:
I Love You Phillip Morris by Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor (seems like every major Hollywood actor is jumping on the bandwagon now to make a gay film, it started with Brokeback, then Adam Sandler’s I Now Pronounce You, Sean Penn’s ‘Milk’ and now this): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewl8hAnp-CU
Miao Miao produced Stanley Kwan and Wong Kar Wai’s production company..REALLY looking forward to watching this film…there’s been ALOT of VERY high profile lesbian films coming out of Taiwan in the past two years, with 2 even being featured in this yrs Mardi Gras Film Festival….examples like Wild Lilies, and Candy Rain…it seems many Taiwanese and Hong Kong actresses in the Chinese speaking world feel at ease and sure that society will accept them acting in such roles nowadays….trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyS7dcbsELM
Theme for Sydney Mardi Gras ’09 is Nations United, celebrating and striving for equality for gay rights around the world…apparently more ethnic costumes and different people from around the world participating…REALLY EXCITED!!!!!

I shall be revealing where i’m going…hahahaha..(i said i would earlier in the week!) I ‘m going to spend Christmas in Hong Kong and the NYE (new year’s eve) in Taipei..(Taipei 101 to be more specific!! hahahaha) Cool heh?!! But the currency is killing me!!!!!! The Aussie dollar has lost much in its value n i’m losing out BIG-TIME…but what to do..i can’t very well cancel my holiday now!!

Anyways, anyone has any recommendations on where to go,etc in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan?? It’s my first time to Hong Kong n Macau (well, actually i’ve been to Hong Kong before but that was like before the age of 10 and i can’t hardly remember anything from then!) so tips from anyone would be very helpful indeed! I’ve been doing my research already n have a rough idea of where to go to but still any suggestions from anyone would be helpful!

Also, if you live in Taiwan, i’d like to know u! If you have the spare time let’s meet up! Cos i’ll be going down to Neiwan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohshiung, Taitung, and maybe Illan..i’d like to meet people there! Yep, it’ll be my first Taiwan ROUND-ISLAND tour!!! I’ll be taking the Taiwanese bullet train (which has the same tech as the Japanese shinkansen!) and then taking the old Taiwanese Railway up the East Coast back to Taipei…i can foresee being pretty free in Taipei so if u have read my blog b4 or just passing thru n interested in meeting up, let me know!!

I’d like to meet up with new friends in Taiwan given the time i have there!! It’s been 4 yrs since i last visited Taiwan n all my cousins are really big now, all in uni,etc..hahah..i hope to be taken out by them! And then there’s the high school n primary (not to forget uni) classmates i hope to meet again after so MANY years (longest being more than 10 yrs!!!!)..i just hope we end up meeting each other…(although i doubt i can meet everyone cos there’s already been hiccups now..but i know i have tried my best in any event even if i don’t meet them)

Anyways, suggestions n recommendations n people wanting to meet me in Taiwan? hahaha..

PS: Rem the last time in 06 when i was spending christmas in sydney n my mom in hong kong n my brother in london? well, this time, once again, with me being the more oriental one, i’ll be spending it in hong kong whilst my brother (whose always been ‘western’) will be in Paris for Christmas! Its’ so cool how I’m always the oriental one (my qipao addiction *hint.hint*) whilst my brother represents the ‘western’ aspect of our family..heck…even our holiday destinations are like that!! hehehe..

Updates 8/12: Anyone know or can help me find a good cheongsam tailor shop in Hong Kong or Taipei?? It’d be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! PLEASE..i have a couple but i would like to know anyone whom has a recommendation personally cos the shops i have written down now were found on the internet..hahaha..also i got one 車仔麵 recommendation, i love it after having fallen in love with it in melbourne..anyone know of any good 車仔麵店@Hong Kong???

Foodie Blogs…


I’ve been reading and surfing food blogs recently, mainly those from Malaysia, but also those from people residing overseas, like me. I’ve absolutely become hooked! The pixs are all SOOoooooo delicious that it makes me super super hungry!!OMG! The Malaysian bloggers have shown me what delicious food Malaysia can offer…i mean i’m from Penang, so i’d know (being Malaysia’s food capital) but there are so many nice food n places i didn’t know existed in other parts of Malaysia!!! hehehe~

Anyways, i had started researching on food blogs initially because I am going for a vacation during this Christmas and next January, my first vacation since going bck to Penang (and KL and Melaka) for CNY earlier this yr and I wanted to research on my food options by gathering what other people had recommended in those places…and thats when i became addicted to these food blogs…i’ve linked them at the side of my blog so if u haven’t had a look yet, pls do!! You’d be drooling with hunger once u see all these glorious foodie pictures!!!

PS: I am keeping my holiday destination (or should I say destinations>hehehe…) a secret until sometime later in the week..then later anyone is welcome to give me suggestions on where to go n where to eat or if u live there, even to meet up n be my tour guide!! hahahah~~

November 25th, besides being my Birthday, is also a very special day for me. It is the International Campaign by Men to End Men’s Violence Against Women. (As a huge big-time feminist) I am very very VERY GLAD that on my birthday, there is such a significant commemorative day on an issue closest to my heart, that, of women.

I especially like how its about MEN taking responsibility in confronting so-called ‘women’s issues’ which is something that the West is to be commended for. Such things like the breast cancer campaigns where in recent yrs i’ve noticed a marked increase in men’s involvement and participation in is simply joyious. It annoys me to no end that whenever ‘women’s issues’ come up, men used to take a backseat and not actively participate in them, thinking it only concerns women when the biggest perpetrators and cause of women’s suffering and violence is, no surprise, men.

An instance and something which is a combination of both my passions, the WW2 and Japan issue, and Women’s Rights Issue , is the Comfort Women issue. In Japan, at rallies and demonstrations, you can see a sea of women and hardly any Japanese men taking part in them. This, despite the fact that more than 60 years ago, it was Japanese men, well their forefathers, and NOT Japanese women whom raped and abused the countless numbers of Asian women in the Occupied Territories of Japan. It seems like as long as it doesn’t affect them, some men, albeit, a decreasing minority, simply do not care about ‘women’s issues’.

Of course, until it affects them! This is why you see some guys are so homophobic cos the tables have been turned and all of a sudden its the men whom have to endure the occasional perverted gay guy perving up their trousers or the threat of being sexually assaulted by another man. Only THEN, do some guys care, but then again instead of saying its a MALE ISSUE they say its a GAY ISSUE…Stupid n Selfish Brats!..hehehe

anyways, there goes my annual feminist rant..hahaha..how could i end the year without a feminist post heh..hehehehehe…

Anyways, on to the other issue….this year marks the 20th Anniversary of World Aids Day which started in 1988 (Dec 1st every year)..i’ve been reading that the HIV infection rates have been increasing every year and its shocking..i read somewhere online, what-oh-what would i do without the internet, that the HIV population in Malaysia is something close to 10% of the population and i’m like WHAT?!! Its got to be wrong that statistic…(although if anyone rems, i did a very personal post on World Aids Day last yr on someone quite close to me dying of AIDS..yes AIDs finally had a face to me..) And the rise has been attributed to all the ‘old’ causes of drug needle sharing, unsafe sex amongst heterosexuals and unsafe sex amongst gay men. In fact, if the rates of infection continues to rise within the homosexual male community at the current rate, it’d not be long before 10-20% of the gay male population would all be HIV positive in less than 10 yrs time..

I heard in Thailand, this is ALREADY the case with something like 10% of all gay men being HIV positive.. a truly shocking figure if u think about it!!

Please please please protect urself people AND your partners…cos u simply don’t wanna die for a fuck..it simply isn’t worth it:)

World Aids Day: http://www.worldaidscampaign.org/
White Ribbon Campaign in Australia: http://www.whiteribbonday.org.au/
Office of Women, CW Government: http://www.ofw.facs.gov.au/about_us/index.htm