Hainan Comfort Women Case Lawyer’s Explanation and Report Session June 15 2005


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Hainan Comfort Women Case Lawyer’s Explanation and Report Session June 15 2005

One of my biggest interest is on Japanese warcrimes during WW2 and post-war issues of official apology and compensation for the Asian victims of Japanese atrocities.

I have done research on this topic and collected much information over the years and have a large collection of documents , newspaper clippings, and books now…

I feel that a great injustice has been done that the Japanese government has not had to atone for what Japan did in WW2 unlike Germany….until now, unlike in Germany, Japan has not paid a single cent in official compensation(as China, South Korea and all other Asian countries decided to give up their legal rights to compensation after the war, being satisfied with Japanese economic aid and ODA which although the Japanese love to point out is compensation is simply not compensation since all economic aid given is not given in the name of wartime compensation and thus allows Japan to circumvent responsibility and atonement for the war) nor apologised sincerely (apologised many times BUT none were sincere except maybe 1995 apology since all apologies inevitably are followed by contradictory actions and words like visits to Yasukuni Shrine which honors Japanese Class A warcriminals such as Tojo and statements by senior Ministers such as former Justice Minister that deny Japanese troops ever committed any atrocities) and continues to deny WW2 atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Forces. This year being the 60th Anniversary of WW2 and with Japanese approval of right-wing textbooks for schools (all history textbooks now, not only the notorious one by a right-wing group, have deleted or drastically reduced references to the Comfort Women and other warcrimes) and with one of the largest-scale anti-Japanese demonstrations in China and Korea in years, i would like to discuss more on this issue….

Since i am in Japan now, i have taken the opportunity to do more research here whilst on exchange and have attended one court session on the comfort women and plan to attend the court final judgement for a well-known Chinese war-time slave labour case and other cases which i will put up pics later…


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