Love’s Lone Flower


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Love’s Lone Flower 孤戀花 電視劇 (2005) Please click photo for more pictures…

This TV Drama is produced by the Director of “Crystal Boys” which was a critically acclaimed tv serial in 2003 based on the renowned Chinese novelist Bai Xian Yong’s only novel. This drama is also based on a short story by Bai entitled Love’s Lone Flower.

The story, like Crystal Boys, deals with homosexuality but this time on the theme of lesbianism.

I am looking forward to seeing it as i haven’t got a chance to yet though it has already finished broadcasting in Taiwan and is currently on a rerun on Public Television Service Channel in Taiwan and pirated copies are probably already widely sold in China by now….I want to watch this TV drama as I really like the director 導演 曹瑞原 as i loved Crystal Boys which he also directed and also it showcases 1940s to 1960s Cheongsams (Chinese dress) which is a passion of mine! (please read my very first post(April) on the Chinese dress!!!)


English: The story spans the 1940s-1960s period from Shanghai to Taiwan… revolves around Taiwanese musician Lin and his love story with a dance hostess Wu Bao as well as the indirect, suppressed love between Wu Bao and another dance hostess female protagonist Yun Fang. This all occurs in decadent, swinging Shanghai during the civil war period in China from 1945-1949. Then with the loss of the Nationalist Party, Yun Fang and Lin escape with the Nationalist Party to Taiwan in 1949 whilst during the wartime chaos, Wu Bao which both Lin and Yun Fang love befalls to tragedy. The story continues with the twos life in Taiwan and the entrance of another dance hostess, this time Taiwanese, into their lives……..

Chinese: 藉由台灣作曲家林三郎一生的追尋與漂泊,講述一個因戰亂而交織成的亂世兒女情愛故事與難斷情緣。故事始於民國三十六年,一位台灣望族音樂家身處於動亂的內地-上海,因身份的特殊迫使其從繁盛而至頹敗;戰爭讓每一個如蜉蝣般的生命隨時代狂風擺佈,在共同的命運與旋律中,總帶著點昨是今非的悲涼。十里洋場的風月夜上海,歌舞昇平中瀰漫著一股末世的頹廢與華麗。三郎的情愛交織在舞女雲芳與五寶之間,因戰亂迫使三人分離失所。雲芳至台灣後與三郎再遇,卻只留滿面滄桑與寂寥。這是一個大時代裡台灣音樂家的流亡人生,身體的流離與靈魂的飄泊,回憶純真的花樣年華,遂成永遠的鄉愁…

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