Korean Drama Pick韓劇推薦 コリアドラマおすすめ: My Name is Kim Sam Soon 我的名字叫金三順わたしの名前はキムサムスンです


Just finished watching this fantastic drama which had the highest ratings in Korea last year. It is absolutely hilarious and made me laugh uncontrollably. Really love Sam Soon, she is just such a refreshing change from your usual petite, soft spoken female characters in korean dramas who all look so perfect and beautiful…in fact, sam soon is just the opposite, down to earth, has a temper (unlike the average korean drama female protagonist who never seems to fight bck against her evil mother- in -law -to- be), overweight,average looking, no make-up, swears, farts, eats as much as she wants, is selfish when it comes to love and down right lovable. This is another example of Korean dramas being extremely progressive when it comes to portrayals of women. It is ironic that korean society being THE most confucianist in East Asia, has a media that is surprisingly progressive towards women, even more so i would say than western countries like America where women are still sexualised and objectified, eg Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City both of which feature gorgeous looking women leading upper middle class lives and looking nothing like the average american woman. My Name is Kim Sam Soon however managed to gain immense popularity in Korea due to the female audience being able to identify with her, as her character was realistic and had flaws and viewers could feel a connection with Sam Soon, being able to think ‘yeah, i can relate to that’…Even her love rival Yu Hee Jin is not your usual kind hearted lass who sacrifices her love, instead although she was just the kind of girl men would want to protect, given her innocent sweet looks in the drama, she was also selfish in wanting to pursue her love and even expressing her flawed side as well which i found extremely refreshing given that the producers could have easily made her role into one of pure innocent love rival suffering from sickness. Instead, she had a credible and believable character which i could definitely relate to. Daniel Henney, the Korean-American model-actor, who plays Yu Jin’s American doctor who steadfastly follows her bck to Korea and is satisfied just being besides her even though he loves her, is also very good in his role. Very believable, they made him the perfect guy, tall, great body, dashing looks, a doctor, has a heart of gold wanting Yu Jin to be happy even if it means he can’t have her and wanting to work for Medicines Sans Frontiers an NGO medical group operating in third world countries.
Also liked Sam Soon’s english name, Sophie, which she made up for Henry (Daniel Henney) as he couldn’t speak Korean, i somehow found the name ‘Sophie’ really amusing….also liked alot of the things Sam Soon said in the drama which resonated well with me such as ‘Don’t worry about things before they happen, enjoy the moment’ in relation to how when you think you are the luckiest person in this world when you find someone you love and that person loves you, some would start to panic and worry that this is all a dream and that someday you may end up losing and breaking up with that person….her realisation was that ppl should simply enjoy the moment and not worry about the future so much thst it spoils the present….highly recommended Korean Drama so go watch it!!

5 Responses to “Korean Drama Pick韓劇推薦 コリアドラマおすすめ: My Name is Kim Sam Soon 我的名字叫金三順わたしの名前はキムサムスンです”

  1. 1 Billy

    gay porn

  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    what the f***? you better not come bck to my blog!!! spam somewhere else!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Bridget Jones’ diary……..

  4. 4 savante

    It happens, hcpen 🙂 Wah, Korean Drama. Gonna have to watch that too!


  5. 5 hcpen 彭皓全

    i actually posted another post but it has vanished!!! Has anyone had a similar problem recently…my changes also vanished…
    anon: yes, bridget jones….korean style
    savante: Watch it!! However, its only for people who like pure love (like me) cos some may find it melodramatic

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