Korean and Japanese Men 韓日男人 韓日の男たち


(Photo to the left is of the Korean actor Won Bin)
As i mentioned in my previous post, i just find korean and japanese men in general really attractive and masculine. Korean men are just oozing with masculinity and are generally well built and tall and usually have masculine sexy voices too…..as for japanese men, some look alright whereas some are similar to korean men being extremely masculine and sexy, muscular and have either nice toned skin or nice fair smooth skin….i don’t know why i simply find that korean and japanese guys have this ‘masculine aura’, 男人味 ﹐ coming out from them which is really sexy and attractive, something lacking in Chinese men generally. Chinese men even if good looking just lack that attractive appeal that is present in korean and some japanese guys…i still remember in Tokyo, there were so many attractive guys on the trains every day that i found myself bumping into cute guys almost every other day, they were masculine, polite and had smooth skin…there was once when i went to the police box 交番 in front of Shinjuku Station to ask for directions and omg the two or three policemen there were like the most attractive police i have ever seen! They were all young, well built, short hair and had toned skin and even as i was talking to them, i could feel this pervasive masculinity just oozing out of them, even when one of them spoke, his breath smelt good (i am probably divulging too much detail here!) and i was left thinking did the police force in Japan select only good looking guys or was it just that particular police box, i dun know….then there are the korean guys in melbourne, i mean there was once i met this korean guy who looked so good looking he could seriously be an actor, he was just sooo handsome i could not believe he was walking on the streets of melbourne, THATS how good looking he was…well to me at least…seriously think the korean men and some japanese men are really appealing…this post is just to give an insight into my thoughts and is kinda a change in tone from my other posts given my recent effort to try to personalise and be as frank as i can be in my blog!
UPDATE (13/3/06) I take back what i said about Chinese guys! After saying that Chinese guys aren’t good looking i have been bumping into so many cute Chinese boys that i changed my mind and think Chinese guys can be good-looking too!! There is also this Penang boy whom i got acquainted with recently and he is kinda cute and we have some similarities as well but i won’t go into detail cos u never know, ppl u know in real life could just so happen stumble across my blog! so yeah, chinese boys can be cute too, haha…

36 Responses to “Korean and Japanese Men 韓日男人 韓日の男たち”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? You think that Won Bin represents the typical Korean male? You would be hard pressed to find even 1% of the entire population of Korean males who look like that. Won Bin is definitely an anomoly in Korea to the point where even other Koreans think he is not even Korea. The fact is that most Korean guys are not attractive at all…very boorish and sort of with that “horse face” look. Well, I dont know…perhaps you are attracted to that look. However, in true Korean fashion, Koreans, because of their inferiority complex, love to brag and boast about how they are demigods and are the best-looking in the world. This always evokes laughter from non-biased, common sense-having people (basically meaning anyone who is not Korean) who actually know the truth.

    If it wasn’t for all the plastic surgery rampant in Korea, I really think that Koreans couldn’t brag and boast with arrogance like they love to do now.

  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    Anon: I don’t think he represents the typical male but i do think that he is the most well known korean male-star…anyways i disagree with what u say about korean men’s looks but that could just be a difference of opinions…about koreans loving to brag…its kinda true but they are certainly not the only ones….

  3. 3 Goku

    Me thinks the poster above has got some serious issues or has an inferiority complex of his own. haha!!!

  4. 4 hcpen 彭皓全

    Goku: I think he came over from the korea-related blogs which have linked me, u get those kind of korea-hating ppl there…his entire post is so racist and he seems to hate koreans…well, he’s prob japanese(though i hate to generalise) cos there seems to be a high proportion of japanese ppl in the blogsphere who hate koreans…they cannot take issue with me cos i have already stated very clearly i am of chinese bckground and i don’t hide behind western nicks and i also incl Japanese headings so the japanese korea-haters cannot accuse me of being anti-japanese given my post reflect my deep liking of many japanese stuff and i know japanese friends….

  5. 5 goku

    “I think he came over from the korea-related blogs which have linked me”

    I agree, but that’s how I found your blog.

    You’ve got some interesting articles in your archives I wouldn’t mind reading. I’m looking forward to it especially since it’s coming from a non-korean/non-japanese/non-american person like yourself.

  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    Goku: Thanks, do leave comments on what u think, i occasionally check for comments of ALL my previous post…

  7. 7 vivianzhu

    A trip to Japan is on my calendar. Not just for hot spring, but man watching…..having lived in New York for 6 years, I am up for spotting some handsome Asian men.

  8. 8 hcpen 彭皓全

    Vivian: Thanks for the comment…yes, i can relate to that too…enjoy your trip!

  9. 9 Anonymous

    “his entire post is so racist and he seems to hate koreans…well, he’s prob japanese(though i hate to generalise) cos there seems to be a high proportion of japanese ppl in the blogsphere who hate koreans…”

    Hmm…it seems as though if anything, you have just revealed your prejudice against Japanese people. So let me guess…you think that it is impossible for any non-Japanese person to be critical of Korea? What a laugh. Believe me, I live here in Korea and almost none of the foreign community here thinks highly of this racist, arrogant and hypocritical society..and guess what? Not a single one of them is from Japan. In fact, I haven’t even spoken once to a Japanese person since being here, but there are PLENTY of people from SE Asia, Africa, Europe and N.America who criticize and call Koreans on their own obnoxious boasting, lies and racist brainwashing propaganda when we see it. Not a single one of them is Japanese. In fact, if anything, most of the postive comments and opinions that are aimed towards Korea that I have seen so far come from Japanese people (I personally think they are totally blind and fail to see through the fakeness and chicanery that Koreans seem to be very good at)

    So to answer your question, no I am not Japanese nor have I even ever talked to a Japanese person, no do I have any remote relationship to Japan or what not. However, being a typical Korean or Korean apologist, you probably hate the fact that a person who is not Japanese dislikes or criticizes Korea. I have found out that this really bugs Koreans when they discover that foreigers, especially westerners, do not find Korea a very attractive or find many negative aspects of their country. I think it is because of the deep seated inferiority complex that Koreans have against nations which are more developed than them. Koreans bend over backwards day after day trying to join the leagues of western nations and trying so desperately to look “high class” an impress other nations. However, when they realize that the very people from the nations they wish to impress see that Koreans are very ignorant and boorish, it makes the Koreans screaming angry and frustrated.

    I could probably use the same logic and say that you are lying or that anyone in here who believes that any negative comment about Korea has to come from a Japanese person is probably Korean him/herself. But I will not do that because unlike Koreans, I do not think that only people of a certain nationality are capable of criticizing and deriding another group of people of a different nationality.

    Koreans really want to think it is impossible for any non-Japanese foreigner to disagree with the utter brainwashing racist propaganda that Korea feeds to the world…and that the only people who disagree with them are the Japanese.

    If that were true, then the Japanese would be the only people in the world who have common sense and can think rationally without any bias. However, much to the disappointment of these hopeful Koreans, there are WAY MORE non-Japanese foreigners who can think like this. To the disapointment of Koreans, almost 90% of the people who criticize and call Korea on its hypocritical lies and BS are not Japanese at all and mostly westerners and other Asians…especially considering that SE Asians in Korea bear the worst brunt of Korean racism. Just ask any Vietnamese, Phillipino, or Thai who has had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with Koreans in their country or in Korea. Koreans are some, if not the worst arrogant racists in the world. And that is a fact which cannot be disputed regardless of the fact that Koreans hate to admit this and continue to deny any wrongdoing on their part.

    Btw, you mentioned that there seems to be a high proportion of japanese ppl in the blogsphere who hate koreans. So I assume you have the magical ability to identify a person’s nationlity through a web browswer or that you took a survey to find the nationality of every single poster? Most likely, you did the typical Korean thing and saw “Negative comment on Korea…oh, it HAS to be from a Japanse”.

    You would be very surprised, much to your disappointment, that almost 99% of all the negative posts against Korea on blogs are from foreigners, like myself, from the other parts of South Asia, Europe and the Americas. I know how badly Koreans wish that the only people who dislike Korea can be Japanese, but sorry to spoil their wishes….believe me, EVERYONE with common sense finds Korean racism and immature arrogance to be quite offensive and obnoxious.

    BTW, in my experience, almost all of the Japanese blogs about Korea I have seen have been nothing but ones which praise and fawn over Korea. Seems like if anything, those Japanese love that country. I personally think they are crazy. However, if you compare the number of Japanese bloggers who write negatively about Korea to the number of Korean internet sites which slam, deride, and make the filthiest racist drivel at Japan which you have ever seen in your life, it’s like comparing the number the number of planets in the solar system to the number of stars in the universe. Practically any Korean website, even if it has nothing to do with politcs or Japan, always manages to turn any neutral topic into a Japan bashing topic. Give me a break…some Japanese have recently become critical and negative of Korea due to the internet and more direct access to information from Korea where they can finally see the ugliness and racial hatred againt Japan that Koreans seem to live for in their lives 24/7. On the other hand, Koreans have been breast-fed racism and hatred for all things Korean from birth starting from the stone age. You cannot even compare the respective levels in both countries. Its like comparing a drop of water in the sink to the ocean.

  10. 10 goku

    Hold the presses!!! Another copy and paste Anonymous moron right above me!!!

  11. 11 hcpen 彭皓全

    I am prob gonna have to deal with idiots who rant on and on like anon…if this keeps happening, then i will just have to resort to deleting posts from anon. Further he is most prob NOT a westerner given that westerners are usually not as delusional and racist as he is…if he is, then he is giving westerners a bad name and is very lonely out there…i mean the lies he puts about how westerners detest koreans and his praises for japanese ‘naiveity and kindness’ in liking korea is laughable…バカのやつ。。。

  12. 12 Anonymous

    Give me a break….I give praises to Japanese naivety and kindness? Personally, I think they are totally clueless and whacked since they are too oblivious to the obvious hatred and racism in which Koreans love to revel. However, sensible and very perceptive foreigners like myself and the majority of SE Asians see right through the farce and BS that Koreans project. We know the truth about how the number one driving source of every Korean person’s soul and life dwells on jealousy and hatred of others to whom they feel an inferiority complex (mainly Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and believe it or not..Chinese).

    Japanese must be really dumb to not see through the BS that Koreans feed them.

  13. 13 Anonymous

    I’ve seen many cases where non-Korean Asian girls lust after Korean guys. On the physical side of things at least, they do seem to attract more girls. Chinese guys with greasy and untidy hair does not help the matters and most Japanese guys are too short. Unfortunately, Korean guys are usually obedient to their conservative, confuscious parents and it is frowned upon in Korean society when a Korean marries outside of his race. So look yes, but handle with care.

    And as for the anon dude, if you made your points a bit more succinct and less obvoiusly full of prejudice and hate, you might have been able to make some valid points come across. I stopped reading coz you bored me. You need to enjoy life more, every culture has negatives, you’d do better in your life and enjoy your stay more if you concentrated on the positives.

  14. 14 hcpen 彭皓全

    Anon: Thanks alot for ur comments, yes i do know all about the filial traditional values of korean men, i’ve been reading about Jodi on Asia Pages and poor her! the parents of jookster as well as his siblings are TOTALLY ridiculous!!! I mean jodi is ethnically korean, dun koreans love to talk about pure blood? well jodi is pure korean so i dun know what the problem they have with her is….and then there was this anecdote about another couple who broke off cos the guy’s parents disapproved of the girl coming from a single parent family and they had been going out for 2 yrs and planning to marry! i mean what the heck r these mama’s boys thinking?! is it like the electra complex where the son secretly loves his mother stuff? so thanks anyways for ur nice advice, much appreciated!

  15. 15 Anonymous

    I agree…while I do not find most Korean men physically attractive compared to those from Japan or Taiwan, Hong Kong, I think they have nice and sweet personalities. Well, some of them…since there are many insecure chauvanists (aka. “mama’s boys” as you pointed out). I attribute that to the Korean culture.

  16. 16 hcpen 彭皓全

    Anon: i actually find korean men the most physically attractive out of all the ones u mentioned but personality wise i doubt they will come out high given that i hear some korean guys are still big time chauvinist(i find chinese guys tend to be the least chauvinistic as a comparison) which is a big demerit!

  17. 17 Anonymous


    I am not trying to be racist or demaning but just stating what I and many other foreigners have observed first hand. It seems as though most Koreans have very flat and wide faces and small eyes. I am seriously wondering…is that considered attractive in Korea? I am not trying to be funny or make a joke either, because this is definitely what I and many of my friends, even some who are Korean-Anerican, see first hand. I mean, if that is the standard of beauty in Korea, then I guess they probably do think they are the best looking, but I would definitely say that those actors in the photos are not representative of the Korean men I have come across in my many years of experience with Koreans. However, it seems very odd because from talking with native Koreans, their ideal standard of beauty seems to be totally the opposite to that of what the average Korean guy/girl looks like (without plastic surgery of course). However, almost all of them seem to believe that they are the best looking people on the planet and that they all look like Won Bin or Lee Young Ae. However, foreigners like myself find this very strange and funny because to be honest, fewer than 90% of the people in the country look like that. I am just wondering, is this denial or just wishful thinking?

    Again, please…this is not an attack on Koreans or Korea because I love so many other aspects of the pepole and country and have had great times with all of my Korean friends. It’s just that foreigners like myself are really perplexed at why Koreans claim that they all look like supermodels when they definitely do not. Also, why is it that they deny there is any plastic surgery done in Korea when in fact I see clinics on almost every block in Seoul and personally know almost 7 out of 12 women who have gotten their “ssnagpul” surgery along with a nose job?

    Again, I am asking this out of seriousness because it seems as though Koreans really like to think of themselves as better than what they are. Do they have some sort of insecurity about their looks?

    Also, just to let you know before anyone accuses me of being a Korea-basher, American, or Japanese, I am half Korea/half Swedish and love my Korean mother to death. 🙂

  18. 18 hcpen 彭皓全

    anon: look, i don’t think its true that they have flat faces and small eyes and whatever u say they have cos i see plenty in melbourne who are super good looking..so unless u r sayin that only the good looking ones come to melbourne…also it is not koreans who think they are good looking but OTHER asians who think so, remember many asians including me have been influenced by the korean dramas into thinking koreans are good looking AND i am NOT korean and have NO connection with korea AND have NEVER even SET FOOT on korean soil so there is no need for me to defend them…its just that i and many other asians think SOME koreans are good looking, i obviously know not all look like lee young ae and won bin just like not all caucasians look like brad pitt and jen aniston…so its others who think koreans are good looking not koreans themselves(i am sure mayb they do too but thats not what my focus here is)

  19. 19 Chucky

    hcpen, your mistake against this guy is that you had the nerve to say you are attracted to Korean guys. The nerve of you! How dare you say such sacrilege things! You should not say such offensive things to offend all the non Korean men! If you had said all them Koreans are ugly beasts, then you would not have been deservingly attacked like this! Now smarten up!

  20. 20 hcpen 彭皓全


  21. 21 hcpen 彭皓全

    anon: u must be the same guy who left that nonsense about korea having no gays in my other post, first of all, u r obviously not very bright, dun u realise i am chinese myself and my blog is called CHINESE CHIC or are u just plain dumb and stupid?? Calling chinese ‘chinks’ and ‘dirty’ on a chinese person’s blog is NOT a good idea and from now on, any posts from u SHALL BE DELETED….u pissed me off big time (do i need to remind u where all korea’s culture comes from???), and yes i would never even think of touching a korean man like u, u r a disgrace to dae han min guk and korea would be better off if u were wiped out of korea and this planet….gosh, first its the japanese fanatics criticising korea, now i have the korean fanatics criticising other races, what a bunch of idiots….

  22. 22 Anonymous

    Just delete this idiot.
    I bet you he’s the same guy who was ranting on about Koreans. Now he’s magically transformed himself as a Korean. I bet you he’s white.

  23. 23 hcpen 彭皓全

    anon: funny anon, that precisely what i was thinking!!! I had a slight suspicion that he has nothing better to do than pretend to be japanese and then korean just to piss people off cos he’s got such a sad life in reality and is desperately seeking attention…glad to know i am not the only one who suspects he isn’t japanese nor korean…

  24. 24 Chucky

    check his IP number, guarantee you he’s the same rabble rousing troll, whatever his nationality is…

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Just because you can write in Korean, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are what you say you are. These days, many non-Koreans in Korea know how to read/write Korean. It’s suspicious that you are so eager to show that you are Korean and to show every stereotype of Koreans as ugly racist big mouths. Not denying that there are ugly racist Koreans, but based on your writing style, I have doubts about you. Your goal is to make Koreans look bad, and to make everybody turn against Koreans and to stir up hatred. You suck.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    The written Korean above, suck. What did you use, Babblefish? Or did you cut and paste it from somewhere?

  27. 27 Anonymous

    Hcpen, Koreans allegedly claiming “korea has no gays” is a typical stereotype used by white guys in Korea.

    In the old days, yes, many Koreans did believe that there were no gays in Korea. But that was decade or more ago. Now a days gay themes are everywhere in the media, including the actors and actresses who’ve come out of the closet and who are thriving. Even in the military, there is controversy about discriminations against gays. It is impossible that Koreans don’t know about the gays when the air waves are full of the subject of homosexuality.

    I have serious doubts when somebody claims that he’s Korean, then screams, “there are no gays in Korea”. He’s a liar, he’s pretending to be Korean, trying to perpetuate the old stereotypes of Koreans believing nonsense.

  28. 28 goku

    “The written Korean above, suck. What did you use, Babblefish?”

    That’s too funny, I’m glad someone pointed that out.

  29. 29 hcpen 彭皓全

    All recent commenters: yeah…i think he is not korean cos it just sounds too fake…he is just SOOO eager to show everyone how racist koreans are and so i think he is probably another race, anyways anoyone know how to delete comments? cos i can’t manage to work out how to delete comments…

  30. 30 Anonymous

    What amazes me even more is everyone in here who jumps on the bandwagon to protect Korea’s image not matter what the cost, even when a real Korean comes in an posts his thoughts which are really not that surprising. Trust me, you guys seem to really wish tbat the poster above cannot be Korean and Koreans are incapable of racist and homophobic attitudes. However, from so many experiences and conversations with Koreans I have had, the racist and homophobic comments from the anonymous poster above are definitely nothing out of the ordinary coming from a Korean and are in fact, quite normal. And for goku, could you point out what exactly is in his post which tells you that his Korean is not correct? To me, it looks absolutely perfect…and guess what, I am a native speaker. So what, are you guys going to claim that it is impossible for Koreans to be racist and rude and that Koreans are always perfect and that the only bad people in the world are whites?

    Guys, it’s one thing to come down on bad criticism, but if Koreans refuse to acknowledge that our poop can stink just as bad as others, we really look even more stupid and immature in the eyes of others.

  31. 31 Anonymous

    Not saying “Koreans are incapable of racist and homophobic attitudes. ” – your words, not mine. Just that I’ve seen these kinds of race baitings in other Korea related forums before they were found to be fakes. It’s becoming easier to pick out, especially when someone is over-doing it.

  32. 32 Anonymous

    “To me, it looks absolutely perfect…a”

    That’s the point, it’s TOO PERFECT. Ever read Korean netizens and how they slang it up and swear? The above sounds like he took the entire post out of a Britanica dictionary.

  33. 33 goku

    “…and guess what, I am a native speaker.”

    First time I’ve heard a korean consider himself a “native speaker”.

  34. 34 Anonymous

    The term “Native Speaker” is often used by “Native Speakers” of English. More likely, he was/is an English teacher in Korea. My guess is that it’s the first poster (the first person to reply to hcpen’s post) of this thread. It’s suspicious that he suddenly disappeared.

  35. 35 hcpen 彭皓全

    all commentators: i think its so funny that there r ppl out there who must pretend to be another race to make themselves seem credible..glad that so many of my readers can pick that up too….

  36. 36 goku

    hcpen, hopefully you’ll be able to learn how to clean up your blog. Then you’ll be able to at least have a blog without all this nonsense (mine included).

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