Some more Food Pics…..飲食照……食べ物のピクス


Delicious Taiwanese Starch Meat Ball Noodles 肉羹湯麵 at Taiwan Cafe, Chinatown…the closest u can get to authentic Taiwanese ones, though admittedly still not as good as the ones in Taipei..anyway, please be sure to tell them to replace the white noodles (which they normally use and which is NOT nice and NOT authentic) with yellow noodles which tastes ALOT nicer..
My Easter Cake
Cheap Fried Jiaozhi (dumplings) at Chinatown David and Camy’s Noodle Place
One of my favourite Japanese-style Chinese Dishes:
Mabo Tofu マーボー豆腐 麻婆豆腐
Had this at Yu.u on Flinders Lane. Yum…

18 Responses to “Some more Food Pics…..飲食照……食べ物のピクス”

  1. 1 Chaichakri

    looks kinda nice ler

    hey, u didn’t say who u had lunch with?

    any possibility for a hukilicious hot male?

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Happy easter dude…oppss…forgot…i use dude too much on u 😛 Happy easter babe.

  3. 3 hcpen 彭皓全

    ks: Thanks for the comment….who i had lunch with? Well…thats a secret…haha…

    Anon: Hiya! Thanks! Happy Easter to u too!

  4. 4 lawboycool

    Hmmm… didnt realise China Town has such great dishes…hmmmm

  5. 5 hcpen 彭皓全

    lawboycool:謝 謝 你 的 留 言 。 非 常 高 興 能 認 識 到 一 個 法 律 界 的 朋 友 的 部 落 克 。 要 常 常 來 我 的 部 落 克 逛 逛 留 言 唷 。 。 我 也 在 你 的 部 落 克 留 言 了 。 。 。 再 次 謝 謝 ﹗

  6. 6 dmnk

    i want to go and try the 肉羹湯麵. Do they have mee sua there too?

  7. 7 Ooby

    我來了 ..
    因為我必須讀完 STPM 就出來社會賺錢生存,



  8. 8 hcpen 彭皓全

    dmnk: Hi. Yeah try it out…Taiwan Cafe has alot of Taiwanese dishes which are quite authentic like 鹵 豆 干﹐ 海 帶 ﹐ 豬 耳 朵 ﹐ 貢 碗 湯 ﹐ ETC. Don’t know if u had them in Taiwan, but worth a try..also saw u again the other day at 7-11, i don’t know why u always complain u need to be on a diet on ur blog cos this time i had a good look and u look SO thin, u don’t need to worry about being fat lar..(i am sure u r happy to hear that)so go eat all the nice cakes now!

  9. 9 hcpen 彭皓全

    Ooby:謝 謝 你 的 留 言 。 。 。 我 也 在 你 的 部 落 克 留 言 了 ﹐ 希 望 你 看 到 。 。 我 深 信 你 有 一 天 也 能 到 處 遊 玩 的 。 你 的 部 落 克 是 我 唯 一 閱 讀 的 同 志 中 文 博 克 。 很 喜 歡 中 文 的 ﹐ 因 為 用 中 文 怎 麼 樣 還 是 比 英 文 更 加 能 夠 表 達 出 人 的 感 情 吧 。 希 望 你 能 時 常 來 我 這 逛 並 留 言 唷 ﹗

  10. 10 hcpen 彭皓全

    dmnk: Sorry! Totally forgot to answer ur question,do you mean ‘or ar mee sua’ (cannot remember how to write in chinese but its that famous taiwanese mee sua dish)or mee sua in the noodle soup dish? If later, then no they cannot put mee sua in that noodle soup cos taiwanese just don’t eat it like that…i think they also have the or ar mee sua dish…

  11. 11 滑翔翼


  12. 12 dmnk

    oh i meant or ar mee sua one of my favourites

    say hi next time you see me!

    i dint see you sorry.

  13. 13 hcpen 彭皓全

    yeah, thats nice…too bad i doubt they have nice ones in melbourne cos that mee sua is hard to make…no need to say sorry, i prob look different from my photo anyway…yep, will definitely say hi next time, i mean if i were to meet u by chance 3 times, obviously yuan fen lor..

  14. 14 hcpen 彭皓全

    滑翔翼﹕ 謝 謝 留 言 ﹗ 真 的 萬 分 感 激 。 。 要 時 常 來 我 這 逛 唷 。 。 。 並 留 言 ﹗ 還 有 你 寫 的 好 有 道 理。 。 。 完 全 同 意 。 。

  15. 15 滑翔翼


  16. 16 hcpen 彭皓全

    可 以 呀 ﹗ 我 已 留 言 了 。 。 有 空 來 我 這 走 走 唷 ﹗

  17. 17 滑翔翼

    不行啦~ 你去看看~

  18. 18 小柔


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