My Girl and Other Stuff…韓劇 ﹕我的女孩和其他… マイガールと色々


I put up an ad a few weeks ago with the intention of advertising myself as a Chinese tutor cos i thought it would be easy money…however, i did not expect people to misunderstand that i wanted to find a Chinese tutor….well, within a day of the ad going up the webpage, i received like 9 or so replies with CVs attached!!! I even got phone calls within just that one day…apparently there are many Chinese students in Melbourne and many whom are very keen to teach chinese as it is easy money…i had to remove the notice immediately and make up excuses to reject all their applications…HOWEVER, one good thing that came out of this was that it was the first time that i got to see thru other ppl’s resumes and letters of self-recommendation…i mean i have never and may never get to be in a position where i can look at ppl’s CVs and it was indeed interesting to look thru all their qualifications,etc…hehehe…

On another note, i am currently watching the Korean drama ‘My Girl’ and i am so addicted. In the beginning i didn’t think it would be good but after the first few episodes, it became better and better and now its absolutely addictive!! This is definitely one of the better made korean dramas….i watched another one but didn’t finish it cos it lacked appeal after a few episodes called ‘Prague Lover’ but this one is SUPER GOOD!! Highly recommended…as good as my other all-time korean favourites ‘Paris Lover’ and ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ which are also fantastic….the girl is just soooo cute and lovable and the guy is the kind i like, fair skin, nice looks,etc…its the typical cinderella story with the girl being poor and having to run from loansharks which her father had borrowed money from…she meets the rich guy somehow and since she is good at lying, the guy asks her to pretend to be his long lost cousin whom his dying grandfather wishes to see as his last wish…since the girl has no money,etc she agrees and lives in his mansion,etc…the original plan was that she meet the grandfather once and she would leave but mishaps occur and she is forced to stay and continue pretending being the rich guy’s cousin and living in his house with his aunt….there are MANY funny parts…especially involving the aunt and how she loves this guy who lives in the house…whenever their part comes on, there will be the dramatic european music repeating itself….and the story is also becoming more romantic now as it progresses as the girl falls for the guy and he also falls for her in episode 9 onwards…my heart broke in one scene of her crying and how, despite her skills in lying, love is something u simply cannot lie about and how she couldn’t convince herself not to love him and how her heart aches whenever she sees him….and then there is that evil gf of the rich man…she tries to destroy them….sooo addictive…stopping temporarily cos have too much work now….finished episode 10…go watch it!!

So busy…i have TONS of work…so sorry GHB if i can’t talk to u esp this week and also others whom i cannot chat recently, i hope u understand the stress i am under and all the work i have after enjoying myself too much last week and not doing much studies…regret,regret….

Also on another note, i dun know if i look super kind or whatever but remember i said that i was stopped in Chinatown twice by strangers asking for directions…well i was stopped by these two elderly couple in a car as they drove passed and asked me for directions to the Royal Melb Hosp just recently.. i mean i was taken abk, isn’t it weird to stop someone whilst in the car when that person is crossing the road? and i am an asian student, do i look like the kind whom would know melbourne that well? I dun know….

Also finally, please note that readers are most welcome to read my archives and comment….you can simply comment under the latest post and refer in ur comment to what u r commenting on: eg’ ur feb 2006 post about….’ and i will reply ur comment asap!


10 Responses to “My Girl and Other Stuff…韓劇 ﹕我的女孩和其他… マイガールと色々”

  1. 1 The Searcher

    I think you got that nice approachable face, thus, people like chatting with you for directions etc etc…. hee hee

    Have fun ya…..

  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    the searcher: don’t know….many people have just come up to me asking for directions…and thanks for the compliments!

  3. 3 joshua

    I was in the bank one day and some dude came up to me and asked, “You know when’s the First Day of the Next Lunar Month?”


    And I shall spare you the details about an Auntie asking me about PMR tuition classes, thinking I am 15 years old! Happened this week!

  4. 4 executorlouis

    Hey, i just set up an online community for asians abroad, have been abroad or settled down in other countries. Wondering if you are willing to promote it in a blog post.

    (You can get the advert image on my blog.)

    Do sign up as a member as well, cos it would be cool to have a central place to discuss stuff! =P

  5. 5 hcpen 彭皓全

    joshua:wahh…i guess you have a nice, friendly face!

    executorlouis: I’ll sign up when i have time….i am sure it will be awesome! So Asians who have been or are currently living overseas,do join up!!

  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    joshua: Also thanks for linking to me! Penangites Unite!

  7. 7 kraloyun


  8. 8 hcpen 彭皓全

    kraloyun: thanks:)

  9. 9 zhonghuarising

    My Girl looks like it could become very addictive! I agree that I think approachable people get asked for directions more often than not. Take that as a compliment!

  10. 10 hcpen 彭皓全

    zhonghuarising: Thanks:)

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