Penang Days….檳城的日子…


Tzu Chi Bookstore, Beach Street, Penang
Kirishima ‘Rainbow Roll’….what an appropriate name..haha…
Penang State Museum, Trishaw
Penang State Museum, Japanese Occupation of Penang display section
Penang State Museum, Penang Kopitiam….
The Famous E&O Hotel built in the 1800s by the famous Sarkie Brothers whom also built the Singapore Raffles Hotel.
The Clubbing District in Penang…it was my first time there despite having come bck to Penang so many times..The Lounge Club…as u can see, every day is a special day eg. Wed= Ladies Night Thu=Gay Night,etc

So what have i been up to since i came bck to Penang? Well i have been eating and eating and eating all the nice hawker food, Italian,Japanese,Chinese, Korean,etc…also finished watching 2 Hong Kong TVB Dramas, both of which are highly recommended:女人不易做 ‘La Femme’ and 潮爆大佐’Bar Bender’. The guy in Bar Bender is so cute somemore…hehe…a lower class character, one of those guys in rugged jeans and talk dirty with messy hair …you know, bad boys do have their sexy edge….hehe….

I was talking on the phone with CK one day when he suddenly decides to board the earliest bus the very next day from KL to come to see me in Penang…thanks CK:) I had been asking him to come….
He arrived on Sat afternoon and i went to see him at the hotel…i almost got killed when talking to him on the phone whilst crossing the road!! A lesson learnt to pay attention whilst crossing the road..haha…

We went to Chinatown ‘Campbell St’ cos it was close by and took a walk around…of cos it was quite deserted and nothing compared to KL’s Petaling Street…then we went to Prangin Mall and had a walk around…he wanted to get ‘QAF’ DVD for his friend but has any Penangites noticed, all the pirated DVD stores in all the malls have been shut down?!!! Anyways, we sat down for a chat at Starbucks and he revealed something that almost gave me a heart attack…it wasn;t something big but he made it sound extremely serious as if he had murdered someone before!! (no CK DIDN’T murder anyone)…..Called Josh to see if he wanted to join us but he was in KL, mayb next time…we then went to Gurney Plaza and he said it was MUCH better than Prangin Mall and i was glad he liked it cos this was like THE one and only mall in Penang which is happening and i wouldn’t know where to bring him if he didn’t like Gurney….we walked around and then went to Gurney Drive hawkers then to Gurney Hotel area…cos both of us were tired, he went home early…came bck, Joseph called and we chat for like over 2 hrs, i was really tired but he was keen to talk and given he was calling from KL so i just talked to him….nice friendly guy and nice conversation…

The next day, i met Jeff and we had breakfast at Gurney Plaza and then we met up with CK who was at Celebrity Gym…we took the bus to Beach St (my first time to take the bus in Penang in my entire life though i lived here for like ages! talked to this German couple who were visiting Asia)…showed CK the historic buildings of Beach St and then Jeff went to do his volunteer work at Tzu Chi Bookstore 慈濟 whilst me and CK walked to the Penang State Museum which was newly renovated….then we went to have lunch at ‘Kirishima’ Penang’s Best Japanese at Cititel Hotel…met my mother’s friend whose son MD is also my brother’s kindergarden friend…well..CK said he didn’t see anyone cute in his entire Penang trip EXCEPT MD whom he was like perving on whilst we were eating and whom i happened to know…sorry ok CK, i should have asked him out for dinner….chatted with them before we left, MD is only 18 and currently waiting for his results to enter a prestigious university in London to do medicine (btw Both his parents are english-educated doctors in Penang and many of his cousins are doctors too)…he has changed so much since the last time i saw him i couldn’t recognise him at all!!!! He is a man now whilst the last time i saw him, he was still a boy…

Went to the Tzu Chi bookstore and had a was a very nice environment..there were many students studying there. HOWEVER our conversation was sooo INAPPROPRIATE given the environment…i mean we were talking about stuff which would make ppl gasp if they overheard us…i also found out more about CK..i definitely value his frankness in telling me his ‘experiences’ but we had to talk in code language given that there was a Chung Ling highschool boy sitting RIGHT next to us! Can’t have him hear what we were talking about so we used O,A,MM,NT,etc..haha…..

I then took CK to La Bella Italia the Best Italian in Penang (well, at least i think so) on Bellisa Row…we had linguine marinara and fettucine carbonara…nice place and very popular with the Japanese expats for some reason…then went to A&W at Gurney Plaza where i had my rootbeer float and saw a very cute guy (ok, CK didn’t find him cute..he thought MD was cute…haha)…thanked CK for coming to Penang and he left…
Well, CK, if u r reading this, THANK YOU for coming to visit me in Penang and i hope u enjoyed Penang!! I know, many times i seemed more like the tourist than u, cos i am pretty blur..haha…i sure did enjoy and re-discover Penang myself:)

Other than the days bringing CK around when he was in Penang, i have been quite laid back…went Karaoke with my mother and brother for the first time as a family (my dad was overseas) at Gurney Plaza, pretty cool cos we all sang different ‘types of songs’. My mother sang all old chinese songs whilst i sang mostly modern chinese songs( and a few english ones and one malay one , my fav, Belaian Jiwa) and my brother all english songs…ate a couple of times at Seoul Garden Penang’s Best Korean just above McDonalds Gurney Drive…had tea at E&O Hotel with my mother’s friends as well as lunch at the Italian Restaurant with my mother’s friends and MD (haha..dun be jealous CK…Me + MD didn’t talk that much)…

Went with Jeff to try out the new food court on the higher flr of Gurney Plaza..nice atmosphere, like a restaurant…called Foodloft….see photo above….went to eat nice western breakfast at my mom’s friend’s place at Batu Ferringhi this morning (Sun)…her son is so cute man..hehehe…i saw his photo….he is currently in Adelaide, 21, former Chung Ling student…active in sports,etc, is the Vice President of an international student association at uni…thus i just realised that 2 Penang guys i know are pres/vice pres of international student bodies in Aust and cute also…wah, Penang boys are cute, smart and active…i think my future hubby will ideally be a Penang boy…must be Chinese educated of cos….hehehehe…

Well, I have been asking people to visit me in Penang, as u can see from the photos, Penang is a nice place and if u come, i can bring u around and we can go eat at the restaurants i posted on..hehe…so X and A come to Penang again lah, Lawrence came again too lar…also WK( in case u dun know who u r, u r the one moving bck to KL!) come visit, u can stay at my place:)..Come come!!


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