Bangkok Holiday 2006……曼谷之旅2006年…


Yaowarat, Bangkok Chinatown at dusk…..
A nice art stall at Chatuchak Weekend Market where i bought one of the wall art paintings for my room in Aus….
FAMOUS BOY DUO IN THAILAND…their album cover was just a tad homosensual n so i took a photo…hhhmmm..dun u think?
MBK CENTRE photo taken by me from overhead bridge….

This is my first post on my trip to Bangkok, which was my first time there…i went from July 21-27 on AirAsia….i was scheduled to have arrived at around 6pm but it was delayed first officially then again until i arrived at 10pm in Bkk!! I was SO pissed at can u delay for like 4 hrs…arrrggghhhh….anyways, problems when i arrived at the airport as my friend MM wasn’t there and i couldn’t find her driver….her phone also couldnt’ get thru…finally after 45 mins of pure nightmare…i finally got to her and found out her driver had been waiting at Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 1!!!!!!!!!!!AHHH!!!!! i didn’t know there were two terminals at Bkk airport….anyways got home….and omg!! my friend lives like a princess….her house is a bungalow and her front lawn is HUGE…i later asked her and she said the lawn is supposed to be big enough to build another house on so when they marry they can live with their parents, u can imagine how BIG it is….the maid and security boy have to actually cycle to the front gate to open it just like in colonial times…can u imagine having to use a bicycle to the front gate? well u can walk, it’ll just take u 1 whole minute to reach it which is a long time …..thanked MM for allowing me to stay and went to bed in the guesthouse which is separate from their house…

Day 1 (22nd July):
Woke up and went to Siam Square with MM and another Thai person who was to be my guide…her driver took us there and dropped us off…met MM’s friends from the US and we had lunch at a Thai restaurant with Northeast Thai Cuisine (this seems to be very popular in Bkk)….later they cancelled their Alumni meeting (they were all from the United States at a college at Pittsburg) and we went to Siam Paragon and i had my fav Thai dessert Krung Krup Thep (tapioca coated waterchestnut in coconut milk)….walked around Siam Paragon then went to Karaoke at Siam Discovery Centre…wow, it was a great experience singing karaoke in Thailand!! The thai songs were all really cute and they even had a few Chinese songs!! I of cos sang a few Chinese songs given that i LOVE Karaoke….Went MBK Centre and surrounds…later had dinner at Foodloft Siam Central….they have Foodloft here too!! Then went home….watched Academy Fantasia, a popular reality singing contest which i became kinda addicted to…haha…basically early night as my days in Bkk were which were always early wake up and early to go bck as her parents didn’t want us bck later than 9 30pm…

Day 2 (23rd July):
Went to the renowned Chatuchak weekend market which is near her home…i enjoyed myself alot there as they literally sell EVERYTHING…i bought the most stuff there during my entire Bkk stay….it has over 5,000 stalls apparently and is also the largest market in the whole of Thailand…got MM to help me bargain the prices down given that she’s Thai (well, Thai-Chinese)ate also…really hot….did abit of ppl watching too….my, i have just come to realise that many Bangkok men are soooo SUPER SEXY…haha….i was going ga-ga over some of the men…they looked so Chinese….i have come to the conclusion that although i think Malaysian men are cute and handsome to the same extent as Thai men, there are simply more, in terms of pure numbers, of cute beautiful men in Bangkok at least, as compared to Malaysia….then i went to Yaowarat, Chinatown and had dinner….they speak Teochiew there, most Thai Chinese being of Teochiew descent, and i could manage quite well given that its similar to Hokkien dialect which i can understand….bought some old Mandarin films….came home…watched Academy Fantasia…i must admit, i watch it cos i support this one girl whom i think is lovely and i like and also V6 Toon, he is like THE MOST handsome contestant and soooo CUTE!!!!EEE!!!! I am like a highschool girl:)…hehe…He is like so gorgeous fit and cute and nice fair skin…

to be continued…….


7 Responses to “Bangkok Holiday 2006……曼谷之旅2006年…”

  1. 1 The Searcher

    I love Bangkok TOO…

  2. 2 Harvey

    Yee, how come you didn’t go watch aqua show? Oh wait, they only have bouncing boobies there. I went there when I was young (like 7) with my family and we only went to see aqua show and temples. So boring……

  3. 3 hcpen 彭皓全

    the searcher: Me too:) I need ur help to translate something for me…i found a site about V6 of Academy Fantasia…hehe

    harvey: i have seen it b4…not very interested…but i enjoyed my stay in Bkk and i personally like temples and places like that:)

  4. 4 FamezGAY

    Oh i love BANGKOK… The hot guys especially oops

  5. 5 ikanbilis

    i cant wait to go bangkok after SPM. your travelling infos are really useful!

  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    famezgay: Me too!!!!

  7. 7 hcpen 彭皓全

    ikanbilis: I am glad u find it useful…hope ya like it:)

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