Leaving Melbourne,Farewell Melbourne….離 開 墨 爾 本﹐ 再 會 了 墨 爾 本 …。さよならメルボルン


After 5 1/2 years in Melbourne, i am leaving Melbourne. I have graduated!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!! I came bck from Penang about 1 week ago when semester had started already and have been quite busy packing my stuff and putting up ads to find someone to replace me for my room….if not, i would have to keep paying rental until next yr’s January!! So i went around pasting ads all over EVERY faculty building’s notice board in Melbourne University, posted online on Melb University, RMIT and Monash student housing online sites AND even went to english colleges and high schools in the city to post my ads. I simply walked in and asked students where noticeboards for housing ads can be pasted…i even tapped into the korean community by pasting at a korean grocery store which had a housing board and the japanese community by posting online on a very well known melbourne-based japanese community website (www.dengon.com.au)…….. i finally found a Chinese girl to replace me!! So glad!! She is moving in this Friday and i will move out…so with that out of the way, i am planning to leave…

I am however leaving for Sydney!!!!!! I think it is time to move on…5 1/2yrs in Melbourne is enough i think, i would like to change an environment and experience a different city…i had originally planned that i would come to Melbourne for 1 yr VCE (highschool) and then move to Sydney for university…who knew, i changed my mind and stayed on for 4 1/2 yrs more….
so i am busy trying to find accomodation in Sydney which is no easy task…given that i don’t know the city very well….so anyone who reads my blog and whom is from Sydney DO leave a comment!!!! I am VERY EAGER to know u given that i don’t know that many ppl in Sydney so i am very happy to get to know more Sydney people… Hahaha….I am moving there to get admitted to practice (in case u r wondering, this means get ur lawyer’s licence ; a law graduate from uni is not sufficient to become a lawyer, u need to get practical legal training and pass the course before u can be admitted;become qualified to work as a lawyer)…

Past few days, I have been busy packing up , cleaning the room,watching Korean and Chinese drama DVDS, and meeting up with friends before i leave…. 其 實 有 些 東 西 令 我 非 常 不 開 心 ﹐ 難 過 。 。 。 。 但 是 竟 然 要 離 開 了 就 得 開 開 心 心 得 離 開 。 。 。 。 至 少 想 開 點 。 。 。 。 開 心 點 。
The good news is i got to bump into this cute guy i used to see in law library last semester who is like suppppper handsome!!!It was actually so embarassing…i was with my friend’s friends and we were walking and i noticed him, i was like isn’t that him? It looked like him and as i was looking (more like admiring him, *blushing*) the friend was like do u know him, is he ur friend…i was like gosh i have to make an excuse, can’t very well tell her that i was checking out this guy can I?!! So i just said i was looking at the bread on sale inside the restaurant he was in and went in to buy….got more time to look at him, well going to be last time…sniff,sniff*….

Been to many places around Melbourne that i haven’t been before like this really cool bistro/cafe/pub in the city called ‘Cookies’. We sat outside on the veranda and the night scenery was nice, overlooking Swanston St…..quiet somemore as inside was very noisy,and the veranda is the kind u see in opera theatres where u have ur own and u don’t share with others…like ur own little balcony where u can chat with friends, quite nice!!
Ate again at Hardware Lane, really nice place….love the outdoor dining atmosphere…
Had dinner with a friend who uses the word ‘ 朋 友 ’in a very ambiguous way….i learnt it from him and find it quite amusing….it is really very useful if u dun want other ppl to know what u guys are talking about…like ‘我 和 我 “朋 友 ”分 手 了’and the most interesting one ‘你 談 過 ‘朋 友’ 嗎 ﹖’They use it in China and i remember i heard it in the movie ‘藍 宇 ’and so the first time he told me he broke up with his ‘朋 友’ i was kinda like….ok…thats weird…the thing is it can be quite confusing, so i have clarify whether i mean the normal kind or ‘other’ meaning kind in conversations….haha…but interesting…he did share with me some stuff about his current ‘朋 友 ’and i feel kinda bad i was too forward and unreserved…i should have controlled my real opinions as i feel i may have been abit too straight with my opinions 對 不 起 !!

Melbourne, a place that has definitely formed an important part of me, a place where i experienced alot, and leave a alot of memories with, the good times, the bad times, and the memorable times, good or bad, where i grew up and learnt to cope, to live…LIFE….
Farewell Melbourne, 再 見 了 墨 爾 本 🙂

PS: If u r living in Melbourne and have been reading my blog but never left a comment and want to meet me, i would love to meet u too..NOW is your last opportunity…leave me a message and we can arrange to meet up… would like to see what my readers is like…and if you have been leaving comments n want to meet me, just call me…u should have my no…contact me soon though, leaving Aug 31st….busy from 28th onwards…

26 Responses to “Leaving Melbourne,Farewell Melbourne….離 開 墨 爾 本﹐ 再 會 了 墨 爾 本 …。さよならメルボルン”

  1. 1 FamezGAY

    oh new place.. new life… Good Luck yah 🙂

  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    famezgay: Thanks:)

  3. 3 hoknotyalc

    Hey dude. To this very day..i dnt really know how to address you. Hehehehe. Anyway, hope to see you around should I make my way down to Sydney. Ig you really need help settling in, do let me know and I will sk my bro to help you out. No worries at all. Cheers

  4. 4 JW

    cool, ive read your blog from time to time.. im from sydney, i’ll email ya my contacts if you need someone to show you around

  5. 5 jw

    where do i get your email address?

  6. 6 KANEKO, Miharu(Jinzi Mwiqing)


  7. 7 legalmate

    all the best, get admitted soon!!!!!

  8. 8 ikanbilis

    hey i wanna go melbourne now!

  9. 9 savante

    You do sound happy moving to a new place so good luck, man! Plenty of gay bloggers in Sydney, go hook up with them.

  10. 10 Xavier

    nothing beats going to a new place with literally nobody u knew, the excitement is just sooooo nice


  11. 11 hcpen 彭皓全

    CK: Thanks alot CK!! I will tell u if i need help:)

    JW: YES!! I would be interested in making new Sydney friends…do u have a blog? If so, may i read it?? Can u give me ur email address? i would like to contact u!!

  12. 12 hcpen 彭皓全

    kaneko: i am surprised u still read my blog, i sent u an email but u never replied, reply! I want to know how have you been…thanks for your well wishes:)

  13. 13 hcpen 彭皓全

    legalmate: Thanks

    ikanbilis: Come come:)

  14. 14 hcpen 彭皓全

    savante: who?? introduce…i hardly know any…i am excited about my new life in Sydney

    xavier: Thanks!! I am looking forward to a new environment in Sydney:)

  15. 15 jw

    sorry dont have a blog, email gpx_syd @ yahoo . com . au

  16. 16 hcpen 彭皓全

    jw: Ok, thanks!!:)

  17. 17 Anonymous

    Wow, This is the first I’ve read your blog and I like it a lot. You’re a very good writer. Good luck in your new life in Sydney. Take care there, the crime is more serious than Melborne, especially regarding women’s safety. But Sydney is my fav city and I wish you the best.

  18. 18 famezgay

    wei wei.. waiting for ur post from sdyney eh.. don keep us waiting!

  19. 19 hcpen 彭皓全

    anon: Thanks for leaving a comment. I have realised that the security in Sydney is much less than in Melbourne and some areas in Sydney like Kings Cross are pretty dangerous at night…i will be careful:) I also find Sydney people abit less friendly than Melburnians…it could be bcos i am biased,haha…well, i hope you will continue visiting and i hope to see ur comments often! By the way, where are u from?

  20. 20 hcpen 彭皓全

    famezgay: Yep!! I have been busy settling down and getting used to things…i shall update my blog soon:)

  21. 21 Anonymous

    why you don’t update? haha


  22. 22 hcpen 彭皓全

    ratmickey: I am busy lah…i know u r waiting for the ‘special news’ on Zhang Xiao Quan…hehe…be patient…i will post about it soon:)

  23. 23 Harvey

    Wah, two months no post already. You better post something before we all become worried about you, yea?

  24. 24 hcpen 彭皓全

    harvey: Yes, i will be posting updates very soon!! Keep checking for updates! Just had alot of stuff to do in the past few months..:)

  25. 25 Unique Valentine

    New place, new life! Good luck!

  26. 26 hcpen 彭皓全

    unique valentine: Thanks!!

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