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Watched a Korean TV Drama recently and just thought of introducing it to my readers….it has become one of my all-time favourite Korean TV Dramas now…its called ‘Smile Again’ and is about a girl (Kim HeeSun) and her love with this guy (Lee Donggun)….it starts with when they r in highschool and how Lee is […]

I have fantastic news……and i am sure many of my gay friends and gay bloggers out there will be VERY HAPPY to know that…….there is a new Gay film from Taiwan (my beloved country) again!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!! It is called ‘Eternal Summer’ 盛夏光年 and it was just released on 13th Oct….i read in the newspapers that […]

Its been exactly two months since i updated…..I have been very busy settling in as well as studying the Practical Legal Training Course towards admission as a lawyer in Sydney…. I will update on what has been happening with my life since the last post….i wanted to include tons of pics of my graduation and […]