Smile Again….再次微笑…再び笑うに…")


Watched a Korean TV Drama recently and just thought of introducing it to my readers….it has become one of my all-time favourite Korean TV Dramas now…its called ‘Smile Again’ and is about a girl (Kim HeeSun) and her love with this guy (Lee Donggun)….it starts with when they r in highschool and how Lee is a very poor guy whom has no parents but is very smart and determined to make a better life for himself….he befriends this girl whom comes from a family without a mother and her father is extremely abusive towards her, beating her all the time….and Kim and Lee go out together because Lee is promised funding for his university education by this rich kid if he can trick Kim into going out with him and embarassing her in front of the school….however, last minute, Lee really falls for Kim but alas, Kim is still embarassed in front of the entire school and never forgives Lee….Lee’s friend, the girl, arrives and tells Lee that she has killed her father during one of the scuffles where Lee beats her father as he is abusing the girl again..thus, Lee, out of guilt and responsibility, that the girl killed her own abusive father to save him during the fight runs off to Seoul with her to evade the police and begins a life where he steals money and cons people to get money for her education…Lee thus loses his chance of getting a better life and turns into a person who has to manipulate people to survive….the girl is manipulative as well….she goes off to switzerland and he goes to visit her….they meet a rich man’s son whom recently quit his famous baseball player position due to his serious arm injury and is depressed at not being able to compete anymore, having lost his direction in life…Lee and the girl try to get close to him to obtain some financial benefits…there, Lee meets Kim again whom has become a softball player….they all return to Korea and thus starts a three-way love dilemma whereby both Lee and the rich son falls for Kim whilst Lee tries to get close to the rich son…

Smile Again Chinese fan-made MTV with the fantastic theme song i really like: (look out for the scene of Kim HeeSun where she is wearing a sleeveless dress…she looks sooo sexy in it…also look out for the rich man’s son at the end of the MV, he is the really really cute guy!! There is only Lee DongGun and this guy in the MV, so u won’t miss him!!)

I like this drama cos firstly, Lee Dong Gun’s character is not the typical korean drama male lead of being rich and kind hearted…he is actually poor and more importantly a manipulative person whom survives through conning and using other people….i also like it cos the characters all have problems and it is quite realistic…Lee and his friend both come from troubled families or have no family and the drama shows the sad reality that not everyone is born with the same opportunities in life and how circumstances shape a person such as in Lee’s case forcing him to forgo an opportunity for further education and forcing him to use people….cos sometimes being nice to people and trying as hard as u can to achieve something doesn’t always lead to the consequences u want…i can understand this and thats why i really liked this drama. Further, Kim Heesun looks as young as ever and is sooooo pretty in the drama i seriously don’t know how she manages to remain this youthful looking after all these years….its as if time had stopped…i mean the first time i saw Kim was in 1999 in the Korean drama ‘Tomato’ and she actually looks even younger now than then!! Also i like this drama cos there is this new actor whom plays the rich man’s son whom is SOOOOOO SUPER CUTE k…i mean he is just so handsome that u can’t not like him,a girl or otherwise…the title ‘Smile Again’ is definitely something i shall remember now as a motto…it truly reflects the theme of this drama…which is to persevere thru the tough times and, even if u turn bad and evil due to circumstances, it is never too late to change and become good again, like Lee in the drama, and there is always hope for success and happiness in the end ….so that anyone, including those hurting or whom have not been blessed with the same opportunities to excel or be happy in life….to SMILE AGAIN 再 次 微 笑 :):):)

6 Responses to “Smile Again….再次微笑…再び笑うに…")”

  1. 1 Nishiki


  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    nishiki: 謝 謝 到 訪 。 。 我 也 希 望 如 此 可 是 真 的 很 難 。 。 但 還 是 希 望 大 家 當 遇 到 困 難 時 能 夠 保持微 笑 。 。 。 拜 訪 了 你 的 部 落 格 ﹐ 加 油 唷 。

  3. 3 The Searcher

    i must learn to watch tv more, maybe i should sacrifice my time at rainbowlander paradise……

    hey, maybe not…. rainbowlander paradise gives hope… hee hee

  4. 4 hcpen 彭皓全

    the searcher: Yes yes, many many nice cute guys for a rainbowlander like you to oogle at..haha.

  5. 5 vestito


  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    vestito: :):)

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