I’m Hurting….心痛的感觉….つらかった…


Though i do not want to reveal negative stuff about my life as is my policy…once in a while, when things get really bad or something significant is happening in my life, i feel i should be more frank with my readers as i don’t want people to think that my blog is thoroughly unreflective of my life in reality….
frankly, the past 3 months has been difficult for me…extremely….alot of incidences have occurred which have thoroughly crippled and broken my spirit, my hopes, my self-worth….
I am recovering…… I lost hope, the most precious thing in life….but i will find it back…somehow.

Don’t treat me like i am worthless cos i am not. Being treated like i am worthless doesn’t mean treating me like i am worth nothing but instead, being worth LESS than other people which is where the word got its origins. Cos i am worth something. Or at least that’s what i keep telling myself…I have no idea at all how in the world people can justify their unfair and heartless treatment, where is there conscience?? Perhaps they do not realise it, but thats no excuse. Cos if they were to truly care and treat me like other people, they would have realised…..
I’ve had to bear the unbearable and accept the unacceptable….but i will survive…:(
别令我觉得我是二等的。 因为我也会难过也会痛嘚。
我一向问心无愧. 可为何有人能如此的绝情. 我真的很痛嘚:(

6 Responses to “I’m Hurting….心痛的感觉….つらかった…”

  1. 1 hoknotyalc

    Dear Adrian,
    We all have heard the saying that life is a rollercoaster. We have ups and we have downs. I am glad that you are still standing on your own two feet even after what you have gone thru.

    The new year is around the corner therefore take what you are going thru as a lesson in life.

    U know for a fact that you can talk to me about anything no matter what time. HUGS


  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    CK: Thanks alot. It means alot to me for you to say these kind words at a time of pain. Also, i received an sms from u but again with no content. Please email me if its something important. If its just to ask how i am, well u know from this post…haha…

  3. 3 hoknotyalc

    Hey there. Come on. Those words were not words of kindness. Those are words from a friend and that is all. Besides, if i dont say those, wht kind of friend would i be in yr time of need.

    Wish you were in kl so tht i can take you out to cheer u up.

    Take care and I will email you instead of sms-ing u.


  4. 4 hcpen 彭皓全

    CK: **Hugs**

  5. 5 seng086

    Actually i think i’m experiencing the not-so-well period of my life too.

    But you konw what,you’re not alone.

    Remenber:you have our surport,be it your silent but keen readers or people around you.

    It’s not easy though.All we need is just some time to get over with.After that…he he…


  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    seng086: Thanks for your comforting words. I am glad to know i have a silent reader…how long have u been reading my blog? Where did u come across it from?

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