You are the One….1/2缘份


I found out about this Singaporean TV drama called ‘You are the One’ just before i was leaving Malaysia to come bck to Australia in the middle of this year. It was screening on Astro and i managed to see the first episode and immediately fell in love with it!! Firstly, it had a romance theme which is always my favourite and also it starred one of my favourite HK Stars whom i haven’t been seeing on TV for a long time….Nadia Chan Chung Ling…..she is still as pretty as ever!! Anyways, i came bck to Australia thinking i will never get to see this drama given that Singaporean dramas aren’t popular here and no one rents these dramas so the local rental shop wouldn’t have them also….but i tried my luck online trying to see if i can download the entire series which is like a year old already…the chances were slim given the lack of popularity of Singaporean dramas amongst Chinese speaking circles….but i was INCREDIBLY LUCKY i found it!!! Despite Singaporean dramas being unpopular overseas and it being a year old, i still managed to find a BT site to download it…..and so i d/l the entire 25 episodes and watched it over 3 months…..i wanted to savour every bit of it and i found it to be one of THE best Chinese drama series of ALL TIME!!
I’ve always liked Singaporean dramas given their emphasis on family, their similar culture to Malaysians, something which strikes a chord with me and their cute guys and girls…and this one was simply superb:)

It had the perfect formula: Three guys, Three Girls whom are sisters….with the focus on the girls and their romances with each guy….each sister represents a type of modern woman….the eldest Meiman is the modern career woman, someone who aims high in her career, won’t take shit from men, dresses stylishly and enjoys the good life. The youngest is Meide, someone is young and vivacious, doesn’t think too much about men, sexy and very strong willed, thoroughly representative of the young Singapore girl…and also just as stubborn and selfish as some of her singaporean sisters in real life are….the middle one is Meili whom is a plain jane, flat chested and thin, dark skinned, talks like a guy and shakes her legs constantly, she is traditional at heart and wants to get married as soon as possible and become a ‘virtuous’ mother.

I grew to like Meili alot as she is the plain jane in everyone of us….someone whom is unattractive and been on over 30 blind dates but with no success….she is the most kind-hearted and nicest of the 3 sisters but is often treated poorly by men because of her looks….in the end, she ends up with Christopher Lee, the hunkiest of the guys…thats y i love this drama, for once the ugly girl gets the cute guy and not the ugly aging man getting the pretty young girl as is so often the case…..haha…

I also fell in love with actor Chor Chew Meng, playing Raymond, the arch rival of Meiman, and i just loved their bickering….he is soooooo handsome and manly and boyish…i am actually abit ashamed i could be attracted to him….cos when i went to research on him thru the net, i found out he has been in the industry for over 10 yrs now and is over 35 pushing 40…how can i like and find a guy cute MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLDER THAN ME?!!!! Gosh…..and i look with distaste at women who go out with elderly men…but he does look only like in his late 20s or early 30s….

Also, in showing how popular the Korean wave is, one of the main male characters is a Korean who speaks Mandarin living with his mum in Singapore as the executive managing director of a big multinational firm….they live in a huge bungalow and it is obvious that the drama was playing to the korean drama craze with the perfect korean guy, rich, handsome, and gentlemanly……

I loved the scenes b/w Lu Hui and Mei Li as they were just hilarious!! Another reason i love this drama is because they portray not only romance but also friendship…in the form of Lu Hui and Mei Li….the scene where Lu Hui is smitten with the ‘Korean ginseng’ (they call Zheng Xi that in the show!!) is soooo funny esp when she mistakenly calls out his mother as her ‘omma’ her pronunciation is so funny lar…haha…and they were very detailed in their script even managing to find out the word ‘shagua’ in korean for apple is similar to the chinese word ‘shagua’ for dumb and using it in the drama…for those who get the chance to either review or see for the first time, be sure to look out for Episode 10 where Lu Hui is totally embarassed when her ‘padding’ to enhance her bust peeks out from her breast and Zheng Xi sees it….i laughed SO HARD WHEN I SAW THIS…..ahhahah…..

This drama had all the elements i liked…firstly it was about romance, which is by far my fav genre (y i like korean dramas) , it had feminist ideas and themes which anyone would know can satisfy a truly feminist person like me….it had some gay( and in gay i mean GAY not happy la…duh..) parts too which is another of my interest…and further it showed friendship and brotherhood and family….and also the importance of the Chinese language and Mandarin….

Now, to explain why i said it had all of the above….the romance bit is obvious and central given that this drama was timed for Valentine’s Day 2005…feminist theme is the fact that the female characters were central in the storyline and not the male ones….further the elder sister Meiman and youngest sister Meili are very career minded and independent which is what i like…Meiman also repeats a couple of times that women no longer are satisfied with a ‘long-term rice ticket’ or a man whom can support merely their material needs such as clothing, housing, food,etc but want a spiritual and understanding partner too…Further, the story shows Raymond changing from an utter chauvinistic pig to someone whom actually respects women…he doesn’t mind Meiman becoming his superior and will try to adjust his mentality and will also do the housework, take care of the children so that Meiman can have her private space if she has his children….this is a good role model for the guys i would say:)

It has included homosexuality in it too…i was abit taken abck that the ‘gay part’ went on for a couple of episodes and was not a passing thing…basically Raymond and his brother Simon were mistaken by Meiman and Meide to be ‘gay partners’….it was so funny…there were scenes of Simon searching for keys in Raymonds pocket and Raymond asking him to be careful not to touch…err….( u know what) Meiman bumps into them and thinks its disgusting….there were really alot of scenes like that, one was funny cos Meide saw a Men’s Health mag on Raymond’s desk and thinks why that kind of mag is on his desk when its for girls cos it had a hunky upper bare-bodied guy on its cover…and i was like HUH>??! its a guys health mag, not a gay porn mag? Then there was the time when Simon tells Meide, whom he likes, that he is Ximen and Raymond is Reimen in Chinese, Raymond is the ‘qian men’ and he is the ‘hou men’ …now, in Chinese ‘men’ means door…so his name is ‘xi door’ whilst raymond’s name is ‘lei door’ and when he is refering to qian men(front door) he really means raymond is the elder brother and he is the hou men (back door) younger one…but when Meide hears it, she laughs out loud…i was like omg….this was so obviously a BIG GAY HINT that Meide takes it to mean that Raymond is….well…..errrr…..the front door and Simon is the back door….u know WHAT I MEAN…hehe
The drama was very homophobic though in that despite the irony of Meiman and Meide both working in the advertising industry (which is supposed to have many a gay man and supposed to hold a liberal atmosphere) they react very adversely to the fact the Raymond and Simon are gay ( in their eyes)…though this is compensated somewhat when Meiman later says they dun mind and are very open-minded about gay issues when she and Raymond’s relationship take a turn for the better….

The importance of Mandarin and knowing Chinese was reinforced throughout with Simon being ur typical younger generation westernised Singaporean whom can’t speak Mandarin properly and can hardly read Chinese….the drama uses quite a fair bit of difficult Chinese words which is good learning…and also, he doesn’t get Meide also bcos she thinks his Mandarin is appalling…thus encouraging viewers to realise the importance of Mandarin and improve their Chinese level.

This drama made me like Singaporean Dramas even more. Frankly, i’ve been watching HK dramas and their quality has dropped significantly. Singaporean dramas are just much more appealing and higher in quality as compared to HK ones…i mean HK ones are so popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and a host of countries but i dun understand y….i find singaporean dramas even better than taiwanese ones despite the fact that Taiwanese dramas again are more popular…and the drama has also definitely improved my image of Singaporean men…i find them attractive now…hehe….i simply like Raymond….he is just so down to earth, ur quissential boy next door..someone whom likes family, treats older ppl with respect, very boyish, invests money, not good at romance but very practical and thinks practically…very thrifty….my kind of guy…..haha….i like family and conservative type of guys more i must admit…prefer them more to the metrosexual, stylish hip guy type….more stable, gives me more security….

Further, the lyrics of the Chinese theme song and the English ending title by Redwan Ali is great (esp the English one by Redwan Ali)

【1/2缘分】 插曲-You make me feel brand new
I am but a foolish man with only love in his heart

The rain may come, the sun may set, but I’ll never let you go
All I need is your love, to hear you say that I am your man
So tell me now and show me how I could be your better man*
And I’ll surrender everything just to be with you
There is no one in the world like you You make me real*
And I’ll cross every ocean just to be with you
Baby you’re my dream and you’re my soul
You make me real
副歌:Just like a flame You’re burning in my soul
You wake me from the cold You make me real
And like a flame You brighten up my world
Every corner bears a print of you
You really make me feel brand new
Like a flame You glow within my heart forever more
You make me feel brand new (重复 *, 紧接 ‘副歌’部分)
主唱:Redwan Ali作词:Ken Chong作曲:Redwan Ali
Official Chinese Site including cast, pics, storyline,etc:
Official English Site including cast, pics, storyline:
Please do try to watch this drama if u are able to obtain it….its well worth ur time given that its one of my all-time favourite Chinese dramas now:)


6 Responses to “You are the One….1/2缘份”

  1. 1 jw

    Sounds interesting, can you get english subtitles? I might mention it to my Singaporean friends

  2. 2 hcpen 彭皓全

    JW: All singaporean dramas have english subtitles! So all the Chinese dramas come with eng subs n ‘You r the one’ has it too…the drama i d/l had english subtitles and u dun need to download separately:)

  3. 3 whywhy

    hello, i’d like to know whether you have the song ‘you make me feel brand new’ and could you send it to me? i really like it alot! thanks.

  4. 4 Alvin Yue

    hihi i am a fan of redwan ali and i really hope to have the song ‘you make me feel brand new’. if u have it wld u PLZZZZ send it to me? i will greatly appreciate tt =] thanks!

  5. 5 Alvin Yue

    oops my email is sorry 4 any inconveniences caused =[

  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    whywhy and Alvin Y.: I am sorry I don’t have it!! I would really like to have it too:) And also sorry for the long delay in my reply as i don’t check older posts so PLEASE leave any comments regarding ANY POSTS in the LATEST post to ensure a prompt reply!!

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