Sydney Life Photos…雪梨生活照 …シドニーの生活ピクス…


Japanese Ebi Kare (Prawn Curry Rice)
Mango Crepe Dessert
Fireworks at Darling Harbour New Years Countdown 2007
Australia Day at Hyde Park
Korean TV commercial filming at Martin Place
Korean postal service at Strathfield (Sydney’s Koreatown??)

Postcards on top of my fridge….

It has been AGES now since i last posted….and so i think my readers would wanna know just whats been happenin in my life…..basically had a good rest during the NY hols and went bck to work…some places i’ve been to in Sydney till now are: Strathfield, Bondi Beach, Hurstville, Chatswood, Kings Cross, Oxford Street, Paddington, Parramatta, Fish Market, Leichardt, Manly Beach, Burwood and many other places….

There is this really nice bar and restaurant called ‘Ice Berg’ at Bondi Beach….the view across to the swimming pool by the sea at the club as well as Bondi Beach is simply stunning, definitely recommended for those visiting sydney….

Went to Strathfield a couple of times, its like Sydney’s Koreatown with koreans like everywhere……they have Korean restaurants, shops, groceries, karaoke, and even a koreapost there!! I thought the Korea end of Pitt St was Koreatown??…guess not….strathfield is definitely Sydney’s Koreatown….

Kings Cross is ok i guess given that i am not into girls strip shows and sleazy places….but a nice experience nevertheless….

Oxford Street, the world renowned gay strip of Sydney is interesting….its much less ‘gay’ than i assumed and you could be walking down Oxford without even knowing its the gay area of Sydney….of cos u can see plenty of obviously gay men walking along Oxford street, esp at night…..and not to mention the gay pubs and clubs as well as array of gyms there….AND the gay saunas… fact there is one right across the video rental ‘Civic Video’ which i visited once….(i mean the video store not the sauna!! duhhh…)

Went to Paddington which is like a well-known shopping area in Sydney 2-3 weeks ago and visited the Paddington Market which sells a range of stuff like clothes to handicrafts….it isn’t as good as Melbourne’s Chapel St though…i prefer Chapel St anyday…much longer and much more shopping choices….but i still like Paddington…even has such a nice name..hehe…

Then there is Parramatta which i took the ferry there….it takes about 45-50mins by ferry from Circular Quay and i loved the experience. The cool weather with the refreshing breeze sweeping across your face….nice suburb….one of my fav past times and joys of Sydney is actually taking the ferry across Sydney Harbour now…i simply love taking the ferry and feeling the cool breeze across ur face as well as admiring the amazing scenery of the Sydney skyline…which explains why i love going to Manly so often…hehe…for those visiting Sydney, a ferry trip to Manly Beach is absolutely vital!!

Some places remind me of Tokyo like this underpassage in Burwood (another shopping suburb of Sydney) and shop alleys in Paddington…..

Spent Australia Day in Hyde Park where there was a carnival with vintage cars on display and food stalls….i almost felt as if i had stepped into a film set there cos of all the vintage cars lined up right along the barricaded road which they had shut off….seriously… it was as if i had stepped back into the 1960s in Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’!!

Also passed by this korean advertisement shoot on Martin Place (Sydney’s Wall Street aka financial centre) a couple of wks back now which was really interesting given that i have never seen a commercial being shot before…

I had plans to visit Canberra, Australia’s national capital on Australia Day weekend but it was cancelled last minute cos i was just too tired to go…work can be very exhaustive u know…and the weekends are much needed time for me to rejuvenate and relax…haha

Tmw i shall be attending the Chinese New Year Parade held annually in the city artery in Sydney…it should be fantastic….and then i will also be stopping by the Chinese New Year Carnival at Belmore Park near Central Station…
Then later this mth, i have plans to watch this movie which i had wanted to watch and was delightfully surprised to discover was scheduled to be screened at the Mardi Gras Film Festival called ‘ The Way We Write’ (寫字魔法) about a gay Taiwanese man whom has moved to China with his boyfriend and his strained relationship with his aging father….still haven’t bought the tix yet tho cos i called ticketing system and they said plenty of seats left……

Well………………. thats all the updates for now but dun worry i have a series of posts on a topic close to my heart coming up later in the next couple of days…its an area of my interest which i haven’t blogged about for almost a year already!! So do await in anticipation:):):)

More pix on my online photo album at:

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