Mardi Gras ’07…. 雪梨同志遊行…シドニーマーディグラー…


One of the numerous Mardi Gras Flags displayed around the city

My Seriously Blurred Pic of some dance performance at the Parade…

More dance performances….

The thousands of people who lined up to watch the parade…i’m not kidding, there must have been at least 1,000 spectators there….

More people along both sides of the parade route….. its over 1km long…running along the stretch of Oxford Street…

One of the many transgendered performers….

Dancing Go-go Boys……..

No, we’re not at Bondi Beach, the lifesavers are just purely for the parade and for gay men to oogle at their nice well sculpted bodies and the ‘uniform’ kinkiness….hehe… ohmy gosh!!! u should have seen some of the men at the parade, their bodies are like perfectly moulded…and this Thai guy on the Thai Float section, he is sooooooooo cute and amazingly good-looking…and the 2 topless guys shaking provocatively their hips on another one of the floats…woooo…

My Long delayed Post on the Mardi Gras Parade….well it was my first time at the Mardi Gras, and also my first time at any Gay Pride Parade for that matter…..tho i’ve been to the Melbourne Midsumma Carnival Day which is like a day time event, more like a picnic, with booths and stalls promoting gay stuff…

Well, i must say it was one of THE BEST PARADES i’ve ever been to in my whole life…..the entire atmosphere was one of support and fun and everyone i could tell was having so much fun!! For those who’ve never been, this is truly a big event in Sydney cos like i would say half of all the people there were straight people NOT gay….alot of tourists were there i could tell and alot of young people, couples (straight ones!) and to my surprise families had even brought along their grandparents to have a look….more on that later…..!

I was really surprised to see the number of people who had turned up for the parade….i kinda thought Mardi Gras wasn’t really that popular…u know, only the gay people and some young liberal straight people will attend the parade but boy was I WRONG….so many people attended it…like when u walked towards the parade route from the city, it became so crowded all of a sudden and people had gone really early to get a spot to watch the parade….there were people standing on chairs, on the bus stop waiting areas and….even on tree branches (that was until the police asked them to come down!!), And my housemate asked me whether i had gone to watch the Mardi Gras Parade when i got home…which just goes to show how popular the parade is….i mean why would she ask if it wasn’t a popular parade which many people go to??

Now, the bad thing was my camera went abit bonkers just as the parade was about to start and so i couldn’t take many photos (arrrggghhh!!!!!) but i did make a clip of the entire parade using my new mobile phone’s built-in videocamera….

The Parade itself was fantastic and much tamer than i expected….not alot of nudity, only 4 or 5 floats with half naked dancing boys and in the beginning some of the lesbian women went topless on their bikes….of cos there was this man whom literally walked about naked with knitting wrapped around his…ahem…’doodle’….for want of a better word…and he walked passed this Chinese grandmother (the grannie i mentioned earlier brought by her family) and i was expecting a look of shock or horror from her face or maybe even looks of disgust from spectators but noooooo grannie had one of the finest grins on her face and she looked delighted at the sight of the naked man..(mayb its been awhile i guess….grandpa must’ve stopped a long time bck)….

The entire parade was fun and people were really into the atmosphere with everyone cheering and screaming the performers on, and this Malaysian guy standing next to me cheering on with his hands up as if he was at a concert (and i’m almost certain he is NOT gay…you just can tell)….oh my…it was quite an eye opening experience for me and the entire Oxford St became like a street party with revellers and spectators drinking booze and everyone super high…

I think everyone had tons of fun and after the parade you could see people were still in a high mood…groups of obviously straight people were wandering around with a ‘pink flag of the UK’ and a British guy who was with his girlfriend and another straight couple even fooled around saying which guy he fancied…haha…it was truly a fantastic night!!

So for those thinking of visiting Sydney, if u do come during the Mardi Gras period, do attend the Parade cos its all great fun and u won’t regret it!! Also NO ONE is going to think u r gay just bcos u come along cos like i said, at least half of all the people watching that night were straight…and for those Sydneysiders who’ve never been yet (wherever have u been all this time?!) do come along the next time the Mardi Gras Parade is held cos its fun, entertaining, and a way to show your support for the gay and lesbian community, and thus meaningful too:)<?!)do check out the Mardi Gras parade…its fun, entertaining, and a way to show ur support for the gay and lesbian community too, and thus meaningful too:)

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