Happy 75th B’day Sydney Harbour Bridge!!!… 雪梨大橋75週年全民步行…シドニーハーバーブリッジ75週年…


Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the world’s most iconic structures, and indeed amazing in sight, celebrated its 75 th Birthday on March 18 2007…with a huge walkathon across the bridge…traffic was blocked off for the longest period in its entire history being shut off from the night before until 11pm on the day. Light displays and military air display accompanied the historic bridge walk celebration and it was indeed a sight to see thousands upon thousands of ppl all wearing the orange or yellow caps distributed out…a sea of orange and yellow…simply amazing.

I attended the 6 30 session as i didn’t want to miss the Aboriginal ‘smoke ceremony’ which was only going to occur during that time slot and the 7pm one…oh yeah, the walk was from sometime in the morning until the last 7 30 slot so u had to register to walk in a particular session so that there would not be too many people all on the bridge at the exact same time…
and the night time display of lights was simply fantastic..u wouldn’t have got that if u were walking across the bridge during the daytime which was another consideration to walk during the night…so without further ado, i shall let the photos do the talking..:)


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