I Passed NAATI!!!…澳洲國家翻譯考試通過!!!…ナーテイー国家翻訳試験合格した!!!


I PASSED NAATI!!!!! Yeeeeaahhh….I just found out yesterday. NAATI stands for the ‘National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.’ It is the National body which sets the exams and assessments for official accreditation as a translator or interpreter in Australia. In oz, you can only be a translator or interpreter if you’ve passed the exam set by NAATI which is very very difficult to pass and most people fail…i failed once before and attended a course in translation and finally i passed this time round….
I’m now officially a translator from Chinese (both traditional and simplified) into English!! This means i can accept translation jobs as part-time work to earn extra income….besides my daytime law work….so thats great n i’m super happy:)

Attending the short course on translation from Chinese to English was really useful in terms of translation technique as u learn how to break up a sentence and usual ways of translating specific terms and words…knowing 2 languages and knowing how to translate from one lang. to another lang. is really 2 separate things!! This was something i simply did not pay attention to on my 1st try at the exam…which is why i didn’t even prepare for it and didn’t bring a dictionary in too..

So now, if anyone has any translation assignments from Chinese to English, don’t forget to give it to me…i’ll charge cheap for my blog readers…hehe:) Moreover, I even get my own personal translator’s stamp and ID card…its quite professional in Aust. unlike in many other countries where there is no official exam or body for translators.

On another note, i’m currently addicted to a Korean drama called ‘ Famous Princesses’…its like this family drama which runs for over 30 episodes…dealing with 4 sisters and their family and love lives…it is like so super good and i can’t seem to stop watching! I’ll like watch 3-4 episodes a night which means 3-4 hrs…highly recommended…the Korean name is ‘The Legendary 7 Princesses’….And i’m currently also watching a Chinese drama by Anita Yuen and Jordan Chan which i really like too (more on that in another post!) and another Korean drama called ‘Older Sister’ (Nuna in Korean if i’m correct!)by Son Yun-Ah….the guy in here is soooooooo handsome, even straight guys would think so..he’s in ‘Glass Picture’ with Kim Haneul and was with Song Hyegyo in ‘Full House’. Dun really know his name but i think it is Kim Sungsu….
back to watching my dramas now…haha…

Interesting Quotes from Chinese n Korean Dramas currently watching:

恨 是 插 在 心 頭 上 的 一 把 刀 ﹐ 傷 了 自 己 卻 沒 有 傷 到 別 人 = Hatred is like a knife cut into the heart. It only harms oneself but leaves the other person unharmed.

人 可 以 令 人 中 毒 。 簡 單 的 說 ﹐ 這 就 叫 作 愛 情 = Human beings can cause other human beings to become poisoned. Simply put, this is called ‘Love’.


43 Responses to “I Passed NAATI!!!…澳洲國家翻譯考試通過!!!…ナーテイー国家翻訳試験合格した!!!”

  1. 1 hcpen 彭皓全

    hari deepak: Pls read my posts carefully and don’t ask me irrelevant questions….Further, I’m NOT Mrs.Pen….you have obviously not read my intro carefully…first calling me madame then mrs now??

  2. 2 hari deepak

    sorry if i offended you in any way..anyway your name in the profile was hcpen??? so i was confused…also it was very impolite of me to ask you about some questions i had in my mind…sorry and take care..i won’t bother you again……

  3. 3 Anonymous

    COngrats dude. Happy to hear tht u r doing well. Do keep in touch. Who am I? The guy who keeps sending u blank SMS:P

  4. 4 hcpen 彭皓全

    hari deepak:
    well…wouldn’t you assume that i am single given that i’m only 23 and only started working?
    Further, i am not from China so its VERY annoying when you keep asking questions on China….if u read carefully my posts then you are very welcome to continue commenting here:)
    PS: where r u from hari deepak?? also what is ur occupation?

    Anon: Thanks for your wishes:)

  5. 5 Lifebook

    Congratulation!! 🙂

  6. 6 hcpen 彭皓全

    lifebook: Thanks lifebook:)

  7. 7 Cub

    Hi there~

    Saw your blog by accident while searching for info on NAATI. I’m 26, originally from Taiwan, currently finishing up PhD in science at Uni Melb. I’m interested in becoming a technical translator/interpretor. Was hoping you can share with me more info on the course you did and where you did it? It’ll be fanstastic to hear more of what you went through to pass your test. Hope to hear from you soon! Congrats! 🙂

  8. 8 hcpen 彭皓全

    Cub: Good to hear from a fellow Taiwanese. Well i attended this short course which cost around $900 for 21 hrs…quiteexpensive. It teaches you techniques for translating which is pretty useful and i did a one on one with a teacher whereby i would practise sample passages which are similar in style to the NAATI real exam passages. Practising the sample passages which i did alot with the teacher (whom is also NAATI qualified) correcting my mistakes proved extremely useful. anyways, if u wanna know more, u can provide me with ur email address ad i’ll let u know more tips,etc…by the way, which level are u intending to sit for? level 3, 4 or 5?

    • 9 pawel

      Hi there
      Boss, do you havy any copy of sample passages of texts used for NAATI testing? I`d take the exam from English to Polish and simply need some samples to see the level of difficulty of English texts.
      Thanx in advance

      • 10 hcpen

        nope sorry i dun…..but i think you can get sample papers from the naati office, they sell samples for certain languages, not sure about polish tho…check them out:-)

  9. 11 cub

    Thanks for your response! 🙂 Not too sure which exam I wanna sit yet, I’m not sure whether I can sit the more advanced ones without having sit the more basic ones?! Still gotta understand more about how it all work.

    It’ll be fantastic if you can give me more info on your experiences and how you’re intending to look for jobs now.

    I think most likely I’ll probably get a NAATI qualified teacher to do some one to one sessions with me then sit the exams. Does that sound like a good idea to you? How did you find your teacher and is he/she based in Melbourne? How much did it cost per hour??

    Hope to hear more from you soon 🙂 My email is cubboo@gmail.com

  10. 12 shopgirl

    find your blog pretty boring

  11. 13 hcpen 彭皓全

    shopgirl: er….don’t read it then.

  12. 14 marcelproust

    I find your blog pretty interesting, but it’s getting to be a long wait between posts.

  13. 15 hcpen 彭皓全

    marcelproust:thanks;thanks!! Been feeling lazy n unmotivated recently to update..heheh

  14. 16 Anonymous

    congrats on passing the translation test. any chance i can get in touch with u directly?


  15. 17 Anonymous

    hi there… my comments were removed? why? all i asked was how to contact u directly…

  16. 18 hcpen 彭皓全

    Anon: I didn’t remove your comments…its still there..u congratulated me on my passing my test…its still there..thanks..
    yeah sure u can contact me directly, just leave ur email here and i will email you…if u don’t want others to see ur email just let me know and i’ll delete ur email after saving it. Hope to hear from u soon!!

  17. 19 mykiru

    i like your blog chic.. keep it up..ahmm how long hav u been in australia?

  18. 20 hcpen 彭皓全

    mykiru: I’ve been in Australia for more than 5 yrs now…thanks for dropping by:)

  19. 21 hcpen 彭皓全

    anon: I can only delete the whole comment as i don’t know how to edit comments (not sure if its possible)….anyway,I sent you an email already to the address you gave me…hope you reply soon:)

  20. 22 Anonymous

    Hi there. I’m doing the NAATI test soon. Wondering if you could give me some advice. My email address is chujenny84@hotmail.com

  21. 23 hcpen 彭皓全

    Anon: Yep, sure…i’ve emailed you already.

  22. 24 Anonymous

    Hi, there. I happned to read your blog, it is great. I am thinking to take NAATI test, can you please give me some tips. One of the online course cost 1150 for about 24 hours, how do you think? my email is: tianyu.hei@gmail.com look forward to your email. Thanks.

  23. 25 Anonymous

    Hi there. Congratulations on your NAATI test. I took it around the same time as you did. But mine was quite unfortunate. I flunked in both the E-C and C-E tests. I got somewhat like 61 (excluding the score for code of ethics) in my E-C but a mere 58 in the other(my expectations was quite the opposite.)

    I was wondering if you could kindly help me with the tips on how to pass the E-C exam. This is my email address: therehello_xyz@hotmail.com. Thanks very much.

  24. 26 hcpen 彭皓全

    oppanon: I’ve replied both ur emails.

  25. 27 Anonymous

    Hi, I chanced upon this blog. A rather belated congratulation. I am taking my NAATI E-C test in about a month’s time. Wonder if you can send some tips on how to pass. My email is genei.kuroro@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much.

  26. 29 Nina

    Hi, came across your page while searching for NAATI related articles.

    I’m planning to sit for the Malay-English test. Just wondering what is the best way to prepare for the test and what are the things to watch out for. For example, lack of time, or lingo that caught candidates off guard? The do’s and don’ts.

    I’m not too confident of taking the test yet and would like to take up translation course, but can’t get it from where I am. I need to try my best though for the sake of my 2 children.

    Appreciate any tips you can give. Thank you very much.

    • 30 hcpen

      Where are you sitting it in? Malaysia or Australia? Cos if in Malaysia, it is going to be difficult as i doubt there are any such preparatory course unless you spend years studying for a translation degree. Anyways, you must do alot of preparation before you take the exam as it is very difficult. The passing rate is very low as alot of ppl take it for migration purposes (Like I did in 2006). I would suggest translate into whichever language you are strongest at, never attempt the other way around. For example, if your english is better than malay, then sit for the malay into english exam, or vice-versa.

      From what i remember, cos i really took the exam ages ago…watch out for punctuation and commar, grammar, etc cos they take off half marks for wrong or omitted punctuation as well and not just your spelling, word usage,etc. Always rely on dictionary translation as it is my understanding they mark according to dictionary translation, just in case of any disputes cos u can ask for a review. So bring in a good dictionary. Furthermore, be well informed and memorise as many official translations as possible so you don’t have to keep referring to dictionary. During the exam you will have ample time if you are prepared. If you find you have seriously lack of time, then you are not up to the standard to take the exam. You should enter the exam already knowing many of the engliish words for malay words and only need to refer to dic if you really don’t know some hard words. Also, be prepared for multiple ‘types’ of passages such as medical, legal,etc. as they will come up. So memorise common malay-english medical terms, social political terms, so when u go in you can start translating the commonly occuring words as you won’t have time to be checking every other word.

      Hope this helps!

      • 31 Nina

        Hi hcpen,

        Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks so much 🙂

        I’ll be sitting it in Malaysia. It’s true, there aren’t many preparatory courses for translation here, so I really need to be diligent in practicing, practicing & practicing.

        My sole purpose is for migration (better life for my kids). I’ll be taking Malay to English. I’ve ordered the Sample Test Kit and found their sample answers to be hhhhmmm…. odd. There’s a paragraph that mentioned the word ‘gallstones’, so my translation would be ‘batu hempedu’ which was also found in a dictionary, but NAATI’s sample answer was ‘batu karang’!! My goodness, ‘batu karang’ is coral.

        So for NAATI, do I translate it word by word? Such as Private & Confidential. Would it be Persendirian & Sulit, or the normal usage of Sulit & Persendirian. They may find me wrong in the latter part even though that is the correct usage.

        Sorry if you find the question annoying. There’s no other better to ask than a NAATI accredited person like you, though in different language, it is better than others.

        Thank you once again for the time to answer my questions and your invaluable tips. Really appreciate it!

  27. Well, when in doubt always go for dictionary meaning. One word can have many equivalent terms. So if gall stone has two or three terms stated in dictionary you can use any one of them, provided it makes sense also lah..as for normal usage, eg. private and confidential, just translate the natural way, do not attempt to translate word by word. Basic rule is: translate word by word according to dictionary but exception is 1) it must be natural 2) common ways of saying should be followed. So if the natural or normal way of saying something is different from the word by word translation and the word by word translation obviously does not sound right, do not use word by word. If word by word sounds correct but natural way is better, just word by word according to dictionary. However, if word by word is totally not natural, then use natural way. For instance, gall stone, your translation if found in dictionary, is correct. NAATI allows multiple ways to translate a single word as long as 1) found in dictionary 2) sounds not incorrect.

    Also, pay attention to sentence structure cos sometimes when u translate, its diffifcult to translate everything in the same sentence pattern, you’ll have to practice alot to see how to do this.

  28. 33 Nina

    Thanks so much for you help.

    I’m truly grateful to you for taking the time to answer my questions. May God bless you!

  29. 34 Lynn

    Hi I’m having intention to take NAATI exam, and now wondering which direction will be easier, from my mother tonge to English or from English to my native language. As I read from the post, you took the test from your native to English!!! Which is surprising cos I am not always confident enough to compete w those who was born in English speaking country but has my language as their mother tonge! Please advise me of which direction should I follow!

    I also look for a plc to study naati thoroughly 1st. I’m in Sydney and may enroll in unsw preparation course. What course did you take before? I’m so desperate for a reply cos I hv spent a few good thousands on migration stuff and can not afford to fail!

    My email address is lynnnguyen21@hotmail.com if you could contact me directly!

  30. 35 Yang


    Wow, I am so glad that I came across your blog. I will be taking a NAATI translator test (Chinese to English) in about a month’s time and am searching for as much information regarding the test as possible. However, there are limited resources and according to what I have gathered in terms of passing rate– it is very low. So I am now genuinely scared… I know it has been 4 years since you posted, but I am hopeful that you could advice me on seeing this. Your response would be very much appreciated.

    • 36 hcpen

      sorry like u said, been ages, can’t really rem much or help much besides saying lots of preparation, going for NAATI preparation classes where u ‘re given practice papers and lots of tips which really helped me! good luck!

  31. 37 Linda Li

    I came across your page while searching for NAATI exam. I like your blog and photos with traditional Chinese ‘Qipao’.

    I am also prepare the exam.

    Could you please help me with the tips on how to pass the E-C exam? My email address: li.688@hotmail.com.

    Thanks very much.

    Linda Li

  32. 39 Andy

    Hi there, may I ask you whether you had any translator experience beforehand the NAATI test, in other words: Had you already been a professional translator? I know that you need ANY graduate degree to be eligible to take the test, and as far as I have read, it is possible to pass the NAATI test even if you have no prior translator degree. I’m a Computer Scientist and I’d like to take the test. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • 40 hcpen

      no, you don’t need professional qualifications in translation or professional translating experience to pass..you can do it if you have the skills and preparation.hope this helps! goodluck!

  33. 41 Baljinder

    I’m planning to take professional translator test from English to Hindi. Can you pls provide some general tips about breaking the sentence to translate the original one into a meanigful sentence. Pls email the tips to sodhibaljinder@yahoo.co.in
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  34. 42 Lia

    hey there, i came cross your blog while searching NAATI exam, I am hoping to get myself certified by testing, I’ve been doing lots of translating for work (mining industry) thought I would attend NAATI exam and get certified as work agrees to pay for it.
    from my knowledge, there are no trainings or courses available in Perth? where did you have your short course?
    thanks for sharing your experiences!

  35. 43 amanda

    Hello. I was looking some NAATI information and accidently saw your blog. Do you mind to drop me an email if you saw this?

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