Two Years Since Tokyo, Japan…告別日本的兩週年…日本離れたの二周年


I missed posting on my 2nd blog anniv. back in May but I haven’t forgotten that the end of this month marks the 2nd year anniversary since I came bck from my exchange trip to Tokyo, Japan….That was a significant period of my life i think as going to Japan opened up my eyes to a whole lot of stuff that i never experienced or knew about before…many of it adult stuff…haha…not going to mention on my blog….but besides the adult part, i also saw such advanced stages of development and modernity in Japan that I was very impressed…i mean Japan, and Tokyo in particular has alot of modern architecture and technology that I was really overwhelmed…many stuff they have over there you can’t get even in Sydney….I mean even the temple area of Kyoto was simply surreal and serenic and had a really mystical feel about it compared to Hangzhou in China (which i loved by the way:P)….anyways, its definitely in my plans to return to Tokyo someday , not only for travel, but to work as well as study and really get my Japanese to somewhat native speaker levels…Here, I provide some photos of my time in Japan, hope you like them!! Link:

PS: Actually, I started this blog in Tokyo, Japan whilst i was on exchange and so my blogging life also started during that memorable turning point of my life:) Readers are welcome to visit my archives for May, June, and July 2005 to see the beginning of my blog life, when it was still a baby:)

5 Responses to “Two Years Since Tokyo, Japan…告別日本的兩週年…日本離れたの二周年”

  1. 1 hari deepak

    i always thought you hated japanese because of the comfort women issues which you are so sensitive and passionate about…nice to know that you don’t hold a biased opinions towards anybody…..

    in relation to the theory on homosexuals(relating to the argument between you and jw in your previous posts) :- your opinion gay gene(homosexual gene) exists..

    2.In jw’s opinion gays are created because of paternal abuse or seperation from parents…

    neither of your opinion seems to be entirely true though i would say that both of you are partially true….

    i think that the probability of a homosexual being born is much less than the probability of a male child or a female child being born….but there is no scientific theory as yet as to why exactly homosexuals are created(as far as i know)…..

    Also the reason as to why homosexuality has a greater acceptance in japan,china,taiwan,korea etc(mainly referenced in movies like brokeback mountain,gohatto etc.)….is mainly because those cultures were to some extent or the other influenced by mahayana buddhism which does not differentiate or distinguish between sexual preferences…..christianity does differentiate….but i think because of the increasing globalization homosexuals are being more and more widely accepted in all societies……George Michael was a gay…savage garden lead singers proclaimed themselves to be gays…..Martina Navratilova was a lesbian… they are quite a few great homosexuals…..

    Homosexuals were never looked upon as a minority more as queers……at least as far as i know…..Still i guess the world has many more lessons to learn on tolerance…..

  2. 2 Bob Doe
  3. 3 hcpen 彭皓全

    hari deepak: thank you for your comments;)

    bob doe: Please don’t advertise on my blog.

  4. 4 savante

    Interesting thoughts on the war 🙂

  5. 5 hcpen 彭皓全

    savante: Long Time no see…glad that you took the time to read it:)

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