Random Visual Pics…..


This is my first time posting such ‘shallow’ pics but i thought of posting something less serious and more relaxed for a change after all my ‘serious’ posts this year…so relax ,and enjoy the eye candy….photos taken from the internet or from bloggers i read from…..:):):)
Sexy guy pics….god, i never knew men and boys could be THIS sexy….hehehehe….who said men and the male body couldn’t be sexualised and be as sexy as the female body??

eeeeee…….just something about his pose, simply sexy…

Bryan Wong and Felicia Chin, two of my favourite Singaporean celebrities…after watching Bao Jia Wei Guo a few months bck….i suspect Bryan Wong is a tongzhi….hhhmmmm…..don’t kill me if any of you guys out there are his fans…cos its just my gut feeling and experience…

I loved Bryan Wong’s character in Bao cos he was just so perfect…..the perfect catch….maybe just alittle too perfect….thats why i feel it would have been better if his character was a tongzhi cos he would totally fit that role. But then again, the drama being from Singapore, one word: fat chance.
Bryan Wong with Fann Wong in Hong Kong for his new show…..he gives off the perfect tongzhi qingren aura and personality….and in the show he wasn’t even supposed to give audiences that impression!! (or was he?) which is why i feel the ‘tonglei’ vibes i got reveals his true inner self in real life….anyways, whatever he is, i like him as a fan…

Need I say more?? Look at those god-perfect eyes…and the smooth skin…and the toned body…okok…i said i didn’t need to say more but i just couldn’t help myself!!!! tai shuai le! bo shita! PS: If you know his name, do let me know k…

Thai actor…..shit he’s damn cute talaga….

I don’t know why but i simply find that this photo really attract me…its a simple photo but the entire feel of it just turns me on…and i am drawn to it…AND the fact that the model is lor mar …*blush**blush*

Poster of 1st Anniversary Celebrations of a well-known Taipei club within the glass community. Now u may be asking, whats the ‘glass community’??well…i’m purposely talking in code, so only Taiwanese people will know! ha….i know i’m evil

Coco Martin, Filipino Actor….gosh, this pic makes him look good-looking…sexy talaga:)

Another Filipino actor in an, shall i say, EXTREMELY sexy pose and demeanor, gwapo….

X’Ray Mag from the Phillipines….very obviously a bakla magazine hiding as your
‘average lalaki’ magazine….
Another Thai dude, nangrak na……

Mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiao-Ming….look at his well formed chest…to die for…kakko ii dayo ne….going ga-ga now…he is very popular in China and is liked by both straight girls and chinese gay men alike (according to a taiwanese interviewer during a talk show he attended in taiwan a few months bck.)

Since its all been mainly guy pics, i thought i might end with a gorgeous qipao pic, with none other than Paris during her recent trip to Shanghai, China. She looks surprisingly good in a red sleeveless tight-fitting qipao!! It suits her!

PS: Some readers may be left confused in some places on what i am saying…well i’ve done this on purpose. I am kinda using ‘code language’ for fun, having used simple Thai, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese words in certain areas so that only certain people will understand…haha…playing around with languages can be fun too:)

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  1. 1 sommersjaimee

    wow i would fuck with any of them


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