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Pics from my time in Tokyo during ‘Sakura season’ in early April in 2005…… Its been three years since my student exchange in Japan back in 2005..i miss Japan, and i know of tons of people whom have travelled to Japan recently for either hols or vacations or studying,etc..i know of one blogger whom i […]

Watched.. CJ 7 长江7号 (2008) China/HK:I recommended this film before earlier this yr and watched it in Penang when i was bck for CNY…it truly blew me away and amazed me for being so political and serious in its underlying theme and message…I didn’t expect a Stephen Chow movie to be so serious…i had expected […]

Some articles on gay and women’s issues, two topics of interest to me…quite informative and good reads, hope u like them too:) January 7, 2008mum, dad, i’m gayBy Dinah Gardner What’s next for parents? Increasingly in China, parents of gay children are not only accepting their sexuality but trying to help other families in the […]