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I didn’t really want to post this as I’ve never really posted on anything which was such a politically sensitive and highly charged topic (if you count out the WW2 and Japan posts which i write frequently on…haha) but I thought I would anyways cos I wanna let out what I feel about this issue. […]

Just some photos of my life and foodie pix from recently…. Above: My favourite Bacon n Scrambled Eggs on Toast at my favourite cafe in Sydney…forgot the name of the cafe, haha..i just know how to get there, its in the downtown cbd area in sydney.. Above: Some street performance near Hyde Park…. Above: Thai-Style […]

This is another update for my ongoing series called ‘Gay News around Asia-Pacific’….now, my purpose for this is to highlight whats going on in LGBT issues in Asia and the Pacific so as to provide gay asians out there some positive role models and news to counter the perception amongst some gay asians (usually those […]