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Above: Iban National Costume, one of the ethnic costumes of Malaysia… Above: I love the new Malaysian Airline tagline…: “More than just an airline code;MH is Malaysian Hospitality”…cool heh?? Above: Bringing a little bit of Penang hawker fare to Sydney ….. Above: Someone whom obviously loves his country alot:) More Pix on my Online Photo […]

As per usual, I’ll be posting a special anniversary post for the End of WW2. As i do every year, come August 15th, I post a post commemorating the end of that important and poignant time in our historical consciousness and in our time. This year marks the 63rd Anniversary of the End of WW2. […]

Above: Awe-inspiring photos of the Beijing Olympics Main Stadium, nicknamed the ‘Bird’s nest’… China unveils its ‘soft-power’ campaign: Canonize Confucius, no mention of MaoGEOFFREY YORKFrom Wednesday’s Globe and MailAugust 6, 2008 at 3:05 AM EDTBEIJING — You won’t find mention of any Communist leaders in the glossy “Introduction to China” brochures that are being distributed […]

Chinese Chic……………….. I went to the ‘Taisho Chic’ Exhibition at the Gallery of NSW last Wednesday night when they had the Art after hours program (which is like when the Gallery is open till 9pm at night.) There was a talk along with this special exhibition as well by Ben Hill, author of the international […]