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Wish me Happy B’Day Guys n Gals…Hahahahaha…gosh…time flies doesn’t it?! Another year has passed since my 24th n I’m not getting any younger!!!:) Advertisements

YES WE CAN!! I am so glad that Barack Obama has won the Presidential Elections in the U.S. Quite frankly, i felt he was gonna win anyways=) I mean seriously, what with an 70 plus opponent with a dim-wit half baked vp in tow (i’m referring to Sarah Palin here, the lady from Alaska anyone?) […]

I went to the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month last month which is like this month-long food fest held in Sydney annually…its like really really nice and held in Hyde Park North with lanterns and a liveband, etc…i chanced upon it last year and was waiting for it to happen again this was […]

I spent a day in the park (by park, i mean Hyde Park, Sydney’s main CBD park akin to NYC’s Central Park right in the centre of Sydney) and took some photos of the annual Sydney Life Exhibition which is held there once a year where they invite photographers, professional or amateur to submit photos […]

I attended the Sydney Open ’08, held once every two years where buildings around Sydney of significant historical, cultural, social, architectural, or any other margin of significance throws open their doors and welcomes visitors and residents of Sydney to visit them and get to know more about the city of Sydney. These buildings would normally […]