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The trailers for two movies which i mentioned previously dealing with Japan and WW2 (a fav topic of mine,hehehe..) has come out, one a German movie and the other a Chinese movie…i’ve also included a documentary series on the Occupation of HK as well as a mainland Chinese movie which is low budget and not […]

The Mardi Gras on Sat night was fantastic~~it was very busy and packed with people as expected…apparently more than 300,000 attended..with over 135 floats and paraders…it was a fantastic night (as expected!)….anyways , was there early from experience but still not early enough cos by the time got there, was second row..but as the night […]

Above: Mardi Gras Pride Festival Flower arrangements around the city, 2009. Been back from my 5 week holiday in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan for over a month now…been too lazy and not to mention busy to update my blog…shall do in a couple of days time on my recent overseas trip to the above […]