Happy Mardi Gras 2009!!!!!~~~~雪梨同志大游行2009……..シドニーゲイとレスビアンマルヂグラー


The Mardi Gras on Sat night was fantastic~~it was very busy and packed with people as expected…apparently more than 300,000 attended..with over 135 floats and paraders…it was a fantastic night (as expected!)….anyways , was there early from experience but still not early enough cos by the time got there, was second row..but as the night progressed and some ppl left early, managed to get to the very front!!…also bought my very first rainbow flag!!!!! Hehehe..was proudly waving it for the initial half an hour…hahaha..then my hand got abit tired…

anyways, many ppl went, even an ex-colleague went with her husband and she told me it was great and gave her a good impression of the friendliness of gay people..she left me a facebook msg cos i put on my nick ‘Happy Mardi Gras!!’ and another friend called asking me how it was cos he saw my msn message too…it ws a fantastic night seeing so many people came out to see this wonderful carnival and many people had smiles on their faces and knew what the parade was about..it just goes that little bit towards improving gay rights and anti-discrimination amongst the general population:-) Without further ado, here are some photos taken at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2009:

Update 13/3/09: I found online the groundbreaking NHK (Japan’s national broadcaster with the biggest audience coverage) program on LGBT Japanese Gay and Lesbian Life in Japan which was broadcast as a series from late last yr to early this year. It was the first time that gay and lesbian people and the issue of homosexuality in Japan was dealt with by the usually conservative but very important channel network. Please watch if you understand Japanese, very interesting insight into gays and lesbians living in Japan. The program is called: NHK ハートをつなごう and the link is at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbXWXKUr-vw&feature=related

Above: Mature-Age Gays….the Asian drag queen in blue is wearing a cheongsam..haha..

Above: A Statement Against Certain Religions…

Above: The Mardi Gras Parade underway!!!!…..

Above: Sexy angels in tight briefs….oooohhhhh……

Above: Some organisation against homophobia…

Above: Footie parade i think…i love men in socks…

Above: Party Disco Float…

Above: New Mardi Gras float….

Above: Alot of people, two hours before the parade….

Above: People living at the Apartment above the parade had parties from their balconies whilst enjoying the parade…

Above: Foxtel cable channel broadcasting live the parade…..

Above: People taking pictures with parade performers before the start of the parade….

Above: Parade ‘Angels’ getting ready…..

Above: Performers going towards the parade…

Above: ANZ Bank people distributing stuff at the start of the parade…..

Above: Asian Marching Boys with accompanying photographer…i took this picture cos the photo at the back of his t shirt caught my attention…i wonder why..hehehe..

Above: Asian Marching Boys, a staple of the Mardi Gras parade, being made up of gay Asian men..

Above: Getting ready for the parade….

Above: Before the parade, people getting ready..

Above: Afternoon on the day of the parade, bikey with malaysian flag!!! (and also singapore’s and australia’s flag)

Above: Shop Display celebrating the parade at oxford sq, oxford st.

Above: Barricades in place for Mardi Gras Parade ’09, afternoon of Mardi Gras Parade Sat March 7

Above: A Big Banner forming on the wall of a gay club, oxford st Sydney….

Above: Volunteers of Mardi Gras ‘Nations United’ getting briefed at Hyde Park before the Parade.


2 Responses to “Happy Mardi Gras 2009!!!!!~~~~雪梨同志大游行2009……..シドニーゲイとレスビアンマルヂグラー”

  1. 1 aimlesswanderer

    Glad ya had a good time. Sounds like everyone had fun.

  2. 2 hcpen

    aimlesswanderer: Indeed:-)

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