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Wish me Happy B’Day Guys n Gals…Hahahahaha…gosh…time flies doesn’t it?! Another year has passed since my 24th n I’m not getting any younger!!!:) Advertisements

Above: A Photo from my Childhood; a primary school trip to the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force Base) in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia, circa pre-1995…i love the blk and white photo but i dun know y its not in colour cos i’m sure they had colour photos by the mid-90s!! But i love the black and […]

Today marks World Aids Day. In the past, I didn’t really pay much attention to this date but this year its different. Lets start with some basic facts about Aids worldwide: Every minute, almost 80 people are infected with HIV around the world. Every day, an estimated 1,900 children become infected with HIV/AIDS, equating to […]

Today marked the 24th birthday of my life…..oh my goodness, i am getting older by the year!! I don’t want to get any older!!! hahaha…. Today, by chance, is also the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which brings added special significance to my birthday, being the hardcore feminist that i […]

I have good news today!!!!!! I finally got my Australian Permanent Residency (PR) approved by the Australian Immigration Department !!!!!! I applied in May to stay in Australia as a Permanent Resident and when i checked this morning (i didn’t place any hope that it would be approved as i was sure that with the […]

I’ve finally been admitted to practice in Australia!!!!!!!!! This is the highlight of my study life and the final end product of all my years of studying. Basically, my FIVE years of Law School+THREE months of Grad. Dip in Legal Practice+OVER THREE months of formal legal work experience=Admission as a Solicitor of New South Wales, […]

Haha…another excuse for me to put gorgeous cheongsam (chinese dress) pics…i did it with my 1st post on ‘women’s status’ as well with a pic of Maggie Cheung in her blck n white striped qipao…this time, i have Yu Min, the ever elegant and poised 50s/60s Hong Kong film star best known for her refined […]

Kinkakuji 金 閣 寺 in snow in Kyoto….taken by my friend who went to Japan this Jan…it was so beautiful with the snow and everything( i went in Spring) i decided to post it here…my blog did start in Japan so its appropriate too i guess…. UPDATE 16/5/06: Some readers have been asking for updates…but […]

The status of women and women’s rights have always been a huge concern of mine and today i shall write down some of my thoughts and opinions on this issue. It is my first post regarding this issue since i started this blog and hope for comments and feedbck on what fellow readers and bloggers […]

(pic on the left was taken by me as i flew off on my Malaysian Airlines plane, the city, Georgetown, is the area on the far north- right corner, whilst the bridge across the water is Penang Bridge, connecting Penang Island to the Malaysian mainland) I went bck to Penang (a beautiful island situated north […]