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The trailers for two movies which i mentioned previously dealing with Japan and WW2 (a fav topic of mine,hehehe..) has come out, one a German movie and the other a Chinese movie…i’ve also included a documentary series on the Occupation of HK as well as a mainland Chinese movie which is low budget and not […]

I found out about this Singaporean TV drama called ‘You are the One’ just before i was leaving Malaysia to come bck to Australia in the middle of this year. It was screening on Astro and i managed to see the first episode and immediately fell in love with it!! Firstly, it had a romance […]

Someday We Shall Overcome Japan (2004) Cast: Erika Sawajiri, Shun Shioya, Sosuke Takaoka 世界は愛で変えられる…The World Can be Changed by Love…世界能因愛而改變 …Story:

家有喜事 Alls Well Ends Well (1994) Cast:Stephen Chow, Leslie Cheung, Teresa Mo, Sandra Ng,Maggie CheungOne of the funniest Chinese New Year films i’ve seen…sadly they no longer produce such high-quality entertainment any more….a MUST SEE with my fav comedian Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng and Teresa Mo…another MUST-SEE film is the Magnificent Scoundrels 情聖 by […]

I have been watching this Singaporean serial called ‘Portrait of a Family’ on cable TV Astro in Malaysia recently, and really enjoy it…i find the Singaporean serials are so much better than the Chinese or Taiwanese ones (mainland Chinese serials are either boring and serious or just commercial wannabes with tons of violence and twists […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Everlasting Regret 長 恨 歌 (2005) Film by Renowned Director Stanley Kwan based on the well-known novel of WangAnYi tracing the life of a Shanghai girl from her glamourious days as 2nd runner-up in the Miss Shanghai Pageant and mistress of a nationalist army general in 1947 to a plain life under […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Maggie Cheung HK Film Star Cannes Best Actress She is my FAVOURITE HK actress, being an elegant, refined, sexy and fantastic actress with superb acting skills….films she’s appeared in incl. In the Mood for Love(00), Clean(04),etc

Posted by: hcpen1111 China Actor HuBIn Homoero 2005 This is a Photo of HuBIn, one of China’s biggest actors and rumoured to be gay…one wonders why when he is willing to appear in photos like this!

Posted by: hcpen1111 Bishonen (1998) Cast:Daniel Wu,Stephen Fung,Shu Qi This is part of the continuing series on homosexuality in Asia…another introduction of an Asian movie on the topic of homosexuality….this film by Yon Fan tells the story of a closeted policeman(Daniel Wu) who seems to lead the ideal life and seems to be the perfect […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Blue Gate Crossing (2002) One of my favourite films This is one of my favourite films of all time… simply has a fantastic script and engaging story and yet is so simple in essence. I really liked it alot and i won’t give away the crucial element of the story but it […]