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Above: Awe-inspiring photos of the Beijing Olympics Main Stadium, nicknamed the ‘Bird’s nest’… China unveils its ‘soft-power’ campaign: Canonize Confucius, no mention of MaoGEOFFREY YORKFrom Wednesday’s Globe and MailAugust 6, 2008 at 3:05 AM EDTBEIJING — You won’t find mention of any Communist leaders in the glossy “Introduction to China” brochures that are being distributed […]

I am so super excited about the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 coming up on 8 August 2008, which is in ten days time, being next Friday!! Despite not being from the PRC, it is still the land of my ancestral land, the land of my ancestors and thus I am nevertheless proud of China finally […]

I didn’t really want to post this as I’ve never really posted on anything which was such a politically sensitive and highly charged topic (if you count out the WW2 and Japan posts which i write frequently on…haha) but I thought I would anyways cos I wanna let out what I feel about this issue. […]