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As anyone who has visited my blog for awhile must know by now, i have a love affair with the Chinese dress 旗袍 … below are some pics of HK Actresses in Chinese Dresses…. Hsu Chi 舒淇, Taiwanese actress in Hong Kong wearing a Chinese dress at an awards ceremony. Joey Yung 容祖兒, Hong Kong […]

As mentioned in my very first post, i am really passionate about the Chinese dress called the QiPao or Cheongsam…It is an exquisite dress born out of a fusion of the East and the West, being at once sexy and modest. It exudes elegance and composture and eccentuates the feminity of a woman. Its defining […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Lin Dai Popular HK Actress 1950-60s era If Ran Ling Yu is said to be the most famous and well-liked Chinese actress of the 1930s, then Lin Dai is undisputedly the most famous and well liked Chinese actress of the 1950-60s.She acted in many hit films that i still regarded as Chinese […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Le Di Popular HK Actress 1950-60s era Le Di, known then as a “Classical Beauty” and became wildly popular after appearing in the mega hit film ‘Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Ying Tai’ in 1963. The film is a classical opera film based on the popular Chinese folktale of a woman who […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Yu Min Popular HK Actress 1950-60s era 尤 敏 香 港 50/60年 代 的 知 名 女 星 She is a popular HK actress back in the 50s and 60s and was also the first HK actress to successfully enter the Japanese market appearing in films co-produced by Japanese film company Toie. […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 1960’s Hong Kong Magazines One of my favourite interests is on the Chinese dress, known as the Cheongsam in Cantonese and Qi Pao in Mandarin. It is simply a gorgeous and elegant dress which manages to give off a sexy edge at the same time!The pictures above are of authentic Hong Kong […]

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