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The Mardi Gras on Sat night was fantastic~~it was very busy and packed with people as expected…apparently more than 300,000 attended..with over 135 floats and paraders…it was a fantastic night (as expected!)….anyways , was there early from experience but still not early enough cos by the time got there, was second row..but as the night […]

November 25th, besides being my Birthday, is also a very special day for me. It is the International Campaign by Men to End Men’s Violence Against Women. (As a huge big-time feminist) I am very very VERY GLAD that on my birthday, there is such a significant commemorative day on an issue closest to my […]

This is another update for my ongoing series called ‘Gay News around Asia-Pacific’….now, my purpose for this is to highlight whats going on in LGBT issues in Asia and the Pacific so as to provide gay asians out there some positive role models and news to counter the perception amongst some gay asians (usually those […]

Now, if you thought these girls were beautiful, well…they are…but if you thought they always looked that way, or more to the point, that they were always girls, well, u r WRONG! The photo above shows the winner and runner-ups for the world’s largest transgendered beauty pageant, the Miss International Queen, held in Pattaya Thailand, […]

Taiwan’s Annual Pride Parade, also Asia’s largest Gay Pride Parade, was held on the 13 Oct with over 10,000 participants (15,000 by the organiser’s estimates) estimated to have attended by the police. The theme this year was ‘ Rainbow Power’ and as usual had a wide variety of marchers in different colourful costumes or lack […]

This is my second post in the Human Rights Focus series on human rights issues and abuses around the world. This post starts with a look at child sexual slavery in Cambodia before proceeding to the status of gay lives in the Islamic Republic of Iran and finally to the Women’s Rights Movement in the Islamic […]

Post Three of the Gay Trilogy……the Finale…. This post attempts to give a broad overview of the status of gay and lesbians in Asia currently. I would say that in East Asia and South East Asia, the climate of social acceptance towards homosexuality has increased greatly in recent yrs and especially for young gays and […]

Post Two of the Gay Trilogy….. In this post I shall be introducing the host of Asian films which have come out in 2006 with gay content…..the yr 2006 can be said to be a yr of the ‘Gay Wave’ with films with gay content or theme proving extremely popular as well as critically well […]

Post One of the Gay Trilogy series…. The front cover of a Men’s magazine in China (one of those supposedly straight male lifestyle mags which actually target the gay male consumer but at the same time have to be discreet about it….however, judging from this cover (heavily hinting that the guy is aroused and masturbating) […]

I have fantastic news……and i am sure many of my gay friends and gay bloggers out there will be VERY HAPPY to know that…….there is a new Gay film from Taiwan (my beloved country) again!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!! It is called ‘Eternal Summer’ 盛夏光年 and it was just released on 13th Oct….i read in the newspapers that […]