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Above: An aerial photo of Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, which looks quite modern but is in fact a tourist and propaganda facade to mask the dire straits of the reality of life in North Korea. Apparently, the roads are empty in Pyongyang as throughout the entire nation and many buildings have no occupants being […]

Today marks the 15 Anniversary of the Rwandan Massacre which started on 6th April 1994 lasting for 100 days whereby 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu people were massacred by Hutus in Rwanda. The Hutus are the majority in Rwanda and sought to eliminate the Tutsi minority through ethnic cleansing. I personally was horrified when i […]

The Mardi Gras on Sat night was fantastic~~it was very busy and packed with people as expected…apparently more than 300,000 attended..with over 135 floats and paraders…it was a fantastic night (as expected!)….anyways , was there early from experience but still not early enough cos by the time got there, was second row..but as the night […]

November 25th, besides being my Birthday, is also a very special day for me. It is the International Campaign by Men to End Men’s Violence Against Women. (As a huge big-time feminist) I am very very VERY GLAD that on my birthday, there is such a significant commemorative day on an issue closest to my […]

I discovered Aljazeera English Channel a few months back and have been meaning to blog about it for awhile. I simply love the channel with its focus on Middleeastern as well as Asian current affairs and issues. I especially like the Everywoman and East 101 show given the women’s issue focus of the former and […]

This is my second post in the Human Rights Focus series on human rights issues and abuses around the world. This post starts with a look at child sexual slavery in Cambodia before proceeding to the status of gay lives in the Islamic Republic of Iran and finally to the Women’s Rights Movement in the Islamic […]

 This is my new column posts titled ‘Human Rights Focus’ which will be a series of posts focusing on human rights issues in our world today. Today’s post is brought by Agnes Chan, a well-known HK singer, TV personality, author as well as activist, whom married a Japanese husband and has three kids. She has resided […]

I have decided to post these articles bcos i found them really informative and interesting. Further, I love Thailand and everything Thai since last yr after my Bkk trip (love the place and the food and all the good looking guys and girls there!!) and find Thai people one of the friendliest people in the […]

Haha…another excuse for me to put gorgeous cheongsam (chinese dress) pics…i did it with my 1st post on ‘women’s status’ as well with a pic of Maggie Cheung in her blck n white striped qipao…this time, i have Yu Min, the ever elegant and poised 50s/60s Hong Kong film star best known for her refined […]

This is an interesting article on discrimination against men in Korea, a society well known for its confucianistic oppression of women. It appeared in the Chosun Times Newspaper recently. Could the clown in the current hit movie ‘The King and the Clown’ sue the King for raping him? Not under Korean law he can’t. The […]