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Above: Is there a ‘QuanJude’ in melbourne now??!! Thats the same name as the famous Beijing establishment world-renowned for its ‘Peking Duck’…. Above: New Melbourne development… Above: Famous cheese-sticks… Above: Skybus into the city…. Above: Entering departure area. I think these are Qantas pilots… I went back for a visit to Melbourne during the long […]

There was a mist over Melbourne last week…so i took this photo as it looked cool… Continuing my previous post on what i have been up to this few days after my exams…. On mon, i went to buy a soft-shell crab sushi roll at a japanese place in the city. There is a cute, […]

‘MY GIRL’ KOREAN DRAMA (THE PEOPLE IN WHITE ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS) I put up an ad a few weeks ago with the intention of advertising myself as a Chinese tutor cos i thought it would be easy money…however, i did not expect people to misunderstand that i wanted to find a Chinese tutor….well, within […]

Had a busy and social weekend starting from Friday last week….actually i had not had such a busy day for a looong time now…this post is my best food post so far as it has simply delicious pics of both Asian (Japanese) and Western cuisine so be prepared for hunger inducing pics!!… met up with […]

Thai-style sour fish… one of my favourite Thai dishes, pandan chicken…. Went out with two Penang friends last night for dinner….two of us initially had planned to go to this Chinese restaurant on Smith St apparently famous for its duck with my mother’s friend (and also her mother’s friend also) but she cancelled and so […]

The past week was a 1 week holiday (i thought it was 2 weeks, it was always 2 weeks in previous years…so I don’t know why they changed it to only one week this year!!) and i didn’t do much…i procrastinated big time and did not study as much as i should have….have so much […]