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This will be a new continuing series on one country which is dear to my heart because of its wonderful world of entertainment which drew my attention to this hereto unknown and not much talked about country and which previously, like most people, didn’t get my attention nor interest like i am sure most of […]

I have decided to post these articles bcos i found them really informative and interesting. Further, I love Thailand and everything Thai since last yr after my Bkk trip (love the place and the food and all the good looking guys and girls there!!) and find Thai people one of the friendliest people in the […]

Ravishing Thai Beauty, Aom Phiyada (centre) I have recently started reconnecting with my SouthEast Asian roots…I have always been more interested in my East Asian roots, being half Taiwanese (my dad), and though I majored in Asian Studies for my Arts degree, i must say, my area of specialisation and knowledge has always been more […]