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I did a previous post on famous Taiwanese people in Asia and around the world..well, this post is prompted by Jason Wu. Who?? Jason Who? He’s the new up and coming fashion designer to look out for in the years to come..and so i’ve decided to just update my previous list of famous Taiwanese people […]

Above: Gay men in skimpy swimming trunks parade along a busy Taipei street…i think the impact of them parading on the streets with buses and vehicle passengers driving past is great as it influences mainstream society into accepting, or at least, starting a conversation on gays and lesbians in Taiwan…imagine a family in a car […]

The final post in the Taiwan Trilogy…. The previous two post dealt with Taiwan’s politics but this post shall deal with the popular culture of Taiwan, which has extended well beyond its borders, as well as famous people who are Taiwanese or came from Taiwan, some of whom are known internationally but which we never […]

The Taiwan Trilogy continues…. Taiwan has three main political parties. They are: 1)The KMT (Kuomintang) 2) The DPP (Democratic People’s Party) 3) The PFP (People’s First Party) Taiwan also has two side parties which are smaller but also wield some influence, one representing the most pro-unification stance and the other the most pro-independence faction. They […]

If anyone has realised, although my blog is titled ‘Chinese Chic’, I have never really written on China or China-related issues. This year, being the Year of the Chinese Olympics held in Beijing as well as China’s continued phenomenal economic and political rise on the world stage, I shall write my first post on a […]

PIC ABOVE: CHIANG KAI-SHEK MEMORIAL HALL NATIONAL THEATRE/MUSIC HALL I have posted on Penang, one of my hometowns…so now, i am going to introduce Taipei, my other hometown…..Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, an island nation situated east of the Taiwan Straits opposite China…Taiwan has a unique history having been colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch, […]

an episode from the Taiwanese entertainment show called 男人搞什麼 where really sexy built men were brought in to talk about what its like to be muscular men and also strip dance for the obviously overwhelmed host here called 羅 碧 雲 。 I want to introduce to readers the world of Taiwanese entertainment. As half-Taiwanese, […]

Posted by: hcpen1111 Taiwan Pride Festival 2005 Tomorrow will be the third Taiwan Pride Parade to be held in Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, i’m extremely proud that Taiwan has finally been able to hold its own parade in recent yrs indicating Taiwanese gays/lesbians increased political awareness and strength and also increased societal tolerance. Apparently, even […]