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I shall be revealing where i’m going…hahahaha..(i said i would earlier in the week!) I ‘m going to spend Christmas in Hong Kong and the NYE (new year’s eve) in Taipei..(Taipei 101 to be more specific!! hahahaha) Cool heh?!! But the currency is killing me!!!!!! The Aussie dollar has lost much in its value n […]

Foodie Blogs…


I’ve been reading and surfing food blogs recently, mainly those from Malaysia, but also those from people residing overseas, like me. I’ve absolutely become hooked! The pixs are all SOOoooooo delicious that it makes me super super hungry!!OMG! The Malaysian bloggers have shown me what delicious food Malaysia can offer…i mean i’m from Penang, so […]

Thai Parliament Grand Palace Grand Palace City Centre Gaysorn in Bangkok City Area The ‘Yellow Shirt’ Phenomena Canal in Bangkok Chinatown broth Independence Monument Day 3 (24th July): Morning dropped off at Hotel Armada in the city by driver….booked city tour of grand palace…walked around city area of Bkk and had lunch at one of […]

Yaowarat, Bangkok Chinatown at dusk….. A nice art stall at Chatuchak Weekend Market where i bought one of the wall art paintings for my room in Aus…. FAMOUS BOY DUO IN THAILAND…their album cover was just a tad homosensual n so i took a photo…hhhmmm..dun u think? THAI FOODLOFT THE WORLD FAMOUS TUK-TUK MBK CENTRE […]

Went bck to Malaysia for holidays and i went to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, (commonly called KL by malaysians) during my trip bck home this time…..i really liked it, went shopping and bought alot of clothes, Malaysian designers are THE BEST as far as i know cos Malaysian labels are just as […]