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The trailers for two movies which i mentioned previously dealing with Japan and WW2 (a fav topic of mine,hehehe..) has come out, one a German movie and the other a Chinese movie…i’ve also included a documentary series on the Occupation of HK as well as a mainland Chinese movie which is low budget and not […]

As per usual, I’ll be posting a special anniversary post for the End of WW2. As i do every year, come August 15th, I post a post commemorating the end of that important and poignant time in our historical consciousness and in our time. This year marks the 63rd Anniversary of the End of WW2. […]

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the Nanking Massacre committed by Japanese troops in the former capital of China, Nanking in 1937. Different from the 1997 commemorations which marked the 60th, the biggest difference this year is the reopening of the Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall after extensive renovation of 2 years which has greatly expanded […]

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the end of WW2. As usual I have a special post each year to commemorate this significant day given my interest and area of specialisation in the topic of WW2 and Asia. This years post will focus on film projects that are coming out this and next year which […]

Something different…. Taiwanese sex slaves dress up to realize dream of weddings (April 19, 2006 Associated Press) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwanese women forced into prostitution by Japan’s military more than six decades ago put on wedding gowns Tuesday to celebrate the nuptials they never had. The women are part of a shrinking group of “comfort […]

International Women’s Day Wednesday Demonstration in front of the Japanese Embassy. 50 yrs of Silence….60 yrs of Denial : Silence Broken…The Comfort Women Story SBS Australia Radio interviewing Dutch-Australian former comfort woman Jan Ruff O’Hearne Former Comfort Women handing a petition to the Japanese Embassy Consul demanding that Japan officially apologise for the Comfort Women […]

Set construction for the Chinese-American mega production ‘Rape of Nanking’ List of Nanking Massacre Victim Names PLA Soldiers present wreaths of flowers in memory of the massacre victims at a ceremony in front of the Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall. Today marks the 69th anniversary of the ‘Rape of Nanking’. This refers to the Dec 1937 […]

This post is to highlight some of the issues left over from the Japanese invasion and occupation of large parts of Asia. As my internet is not working at home, i have not included Chinese and Japanese names and key words which will be included once i get my internet working again cos i can’t […]

A continuation of the series whereby i put up stories of the ordeals of comfort women (Asian sex slaves of the Imperial Japanese Forces during WW2). Part One is in the archives so please have a look thru earlier posts… Hah Sang Suk’s Story: I was born in Sosan, South Chungchung Province in 1928.I had […]

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